Resume: Dafydd Neal Dyar

Dafydd (David) Neal Dyar

E-mail: Dafydd Neal Dyar

Telephone: (503) 256-7574

Computer Skills

  • Operating Systems: Windows 18, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95, CE & 3.1; DOS; UNIX; Linux; Mac OS; NeXTStep; OS/2 Warp; BeOS; CP/M
  • Networks: Microsoft Networks, NetBEUI, TCP/IP, NetWare
  • Programming Experience: Visual Basic 4.0, VBScript, JavaScript, Java, HTML, MS Batch, dBASE, Ada, COBOL, BASIC, Pascal, MASM
  • Database Software: Office Access 2016, Office Excel 2016, SQL, dBASE, FoxPro, Approach
  • Word Processing/Desktop Publishing Software: Office Word 2016, Office Publisher 2016, Office OneNote 2016, Office InfoPath 2016, InDesign 3.0, FrameMaker 7, PageMaker 7, Acrobat 6, WordPerfect 8, WordStar 7, Word Pro
  • Productivity Software: Office Professional 2013, Microsoft Project 2010, SharePoint 2010, Lotus SmartSuite, OpenOffice, Novell GroupWise, WordPerfect Suite, Microsoft Works
  • E-mail/PIM Software: Office Outlook 2016, Eudora Pro, cc:Mail/Organizer
  • Graphics Software: Office PowerPoint 2016, Office Visio 2016, Paint.NET, Creative Suite, Illustrator 10, Photoshop Essentials 8, Premiere Essentials 8, Paint Shop Pro, Freelance
  • Web Publishing Software: Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 EE, HTML Validator 17, Office FrontPage 2003, HomeSite 5
  • Help Authoring Software: RoboHELP Office 2000

Documentation Experience

  • Wrote and edited user manuals, quick reference cards, installation manuals, maintenance manuals, online Help (WinHelp, HTML Help) and guide books.
  • Wrote and edited software documentation including programmer references, design documents, functional specifications and online Help.
  • Style guides: The Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications and The Chicago Manual of Style.

Contract Assignments

Intel Corp. (Azad, Inc.)

Technical Writer

May 2007–Dec 2007

  • Created or revised and updated documentation for the Intel® Modular Server System MFSYS25 (“Clear Bay”) SMB enterprise blade server platform. Projects include the Clear Bay Chassis Management Module (CMM) Functional Specification, Intel® Modular Server Control User Interface Functional Specification and “Clear Bay” System Release Notes.

Intel Corp. (ISS Consultants, Inc.)

Technical Writer

May 2006–August 2006

  • Created or revised and updated the User Interface (UI) and Help screen text for the Intel® Viiv Technology digital media entertainment platform. Collaborated on the Intel® Viiv Technology Software Writing Style Guide and proofread and edited Intel® Viiv Technology Verified Networked Media Device Requirements FAQ and Implementation Considerations and the Intel® Viiv Verified Network Infrastructure Device Requirements Video over Wireless Addendum. Projects include the Common Configuration Utility (CCU), Network Management System (NMS) and Networked Media Product Requirements (NMPR).

Intel Corp. (Azad, Inc.)

Technical Writer

April 2001–August 2001

  • Created or revised and updated documentation for the Intel® PRO/Wireless 2011B LAN solution. Developed and maintained Intel WLO Guide Document Templates, using FrameMaker 6 and Word 2000. Projects include the Access Point Product Reference Guide, Access Point Quick Installation Guide, Adapter Product Reference Guide, Adapter Quick Installation Guide, Site Survey Administrators Guide, Power Injector Quick Reference Guide and Regulatory Approval Guide.

Intel Corp. / Convera (Ace Communications, Inc.)

Technical Writer

March 2000–February 2001

  • Created or revised and updated documentation for the Convera Content Security Solutions (CSS) software tools.
  • Wrote user and technical documentation for encryption and agent-based Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Tamper Resistant Software (TRS), which protects electronically distributed digital content.
  • Worked on documentation suite for the Internet Software Integrity System (ISIS) and associated CSS and ISS Web Site intranets.

Visio Corp. (Wasser, Inc.)


September 1999–January 2000

  • Wrote Network Diagram, Project Schedule, Network Design & Documentation and Real-Time Statistics segments of the Discover Visio 2000 Classroom Series customer-training curriculum. Lead writing team and wrote outline, appendices and Classroom Preparation Guide for the Level 3: Visio IT Solutions customer training curriculum.

RealNetworks, Inc. (Staffing Options & Solutions, LLC)

Technical Writer

February 1999–July 1999

  • Ported RealPlayer G2 online help from WinHelp format on the Microsoft Windows platform to HTML format on the UNIX platform, using HomeSite 4.0 and RoboHELP Office 7. Designed and implemented intranet Web site for the RealNetworks Strategic Products Group.

Catapult, Inc. (Wasser, Inc.)


July 1998–January 1999

  • Contract to the Microsoft Press, Bellevue WA. Assisted in defining the audience, developed the outline and project style sheet, assisted in determining the schedule and developed the work scenario, introductory material, narrative text, exercise steps, margin notes, tips, sidebars and practice files for 300-page Microsoft Access 2000 Step by Step (May 1999, Microsoft Press, ISBN 1-57231-976-3) productivity guide book and CD-ROM in accordance with Microsoft Press and Catapult criteria for meeting the Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) user training and certification program requirements. Five lessons from this book also constitutes Part 5 of Microsoft Office 2000 Step By Step (May 1999, Microsoft Press, ISBN 1-57231-984-4).

Microsoft Corp. (Wasser, Inc.)

Technical Writer

April 1996–October 1996

  • Performed operational testing, technical review and editing of Visual Basic for Applications programmer’s guide and online help files for the Microsoft Office 97 Outlook Desktop Information Manager e-mail, scheduling and contact management groupware application. Uncredited original author of Chapter 5: The Outlook Object Model in the Microsoft Office 97 Visual Basic Programmer’s Guide (1997, Microsoft Press, ISBN 1-57231-340-4).

Permanent Employment

The Software Labs

Software Reviewer, Senior Copywriter, Technical Support

May 1993–June 1995

  • Tested new software and built master diskettes for duplication.
  • Wrote catalog descriptions with representative screenshots.
  • Answered general computer and virus-related trouble calls.

United States Air Force

February 1973–March 1993

  • Computer Programmer/Analyst: PC, mainframe maintenance.
  • Radio/TV Broadcast Journalist: On-air talent and continuity writer.
  • Avionics/Weapons Control System Mechanic: Electronic diagnostics.

Freelance Contributions—Kirkland WA

Contributing Author

January 2004–September 2004

Wrote articles of general interest to those with high-tech lifestyles in the Pacific Northwest, including:

  • September 2004 Feed Me, Seymour! and A Brief History of RSS
  • August 2004 RAID 101 (with Kurt F. Roithinger)
  • July 2004 Off the Hook and VoIP vs. 9-1-1
  • June 2004 The World’s in Your Pocket PC
  • May 2004 The Domain Name Game and All Your Name Are Belong to Us
  • April 2004 The Malware Menace and How’d We Get Into This Mess?
  • March 2004 Sex, MP3s & Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • February 2004 The Golden Age of Wireless

Computer Source Magazine—Redmond WA

Contributing Author

January 2000–March 2003

Wrote articles on how to get the most out of the Microsoft® Windows® OS, including:

  • March 2003 Windows XP Under the Hood, Part 12: OS/2 + VMS = WNT
  • February 2003 Windows XP Under the Hood, Part 11: Triumph of the WIMP
  • January 2003 Windows XP Under the Hood, Part 10: Microsoft Inside
  • December 2002 Windows XP Under the Hood, Part 9: Something Borrowed, Something Blue
  • November 2002 Windows XP Under the Hood, Part 8: E Pluribus UNIX
  • October 2002 Windows XP Under the Hood, Part 7: Root and Branch
  • September 2002 Windows XP Under the Hood, Part 6: The Missing Link
  • August 2002 Windows XP Under the Hood, Part 5: Boot on the Other Foot
  • July 2002 Windows XP Under the Hood, Part 4: Boot Me Up
  • June 2002 Windows XP Under the Hood, Part 3: Rank and File
  • May 2002 Windows XP Under the Hood, Part 2: An OS by Any Other Name
  • April 2002 Windows XP Under the Hood, Part 1: Not Just a Pretty Interface and This Is Your Memory
  • March 2002 Are You Being Served?
  • November 2001 Inside Office XP: Part 3
  • October 2001 Inside XP: Office & Activation
  • August 2001 Inside Office XP Professional
  • July 2001 E-Mail On The Road
  • June 2001 Everybody Chat and Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters
  • May 2001 Good Ol’ Uncle Bob
  • April 2001 Windows Extras
  • March 2001 Inside Windows XP


  • A.A.S. Communications (Public Affairs); Community College of the Air Force, Keflavik NAS, Iceland. (1991).
  • Electronic Journalism (Radio/TV Broadcast Journalism); Defense Information School, Ft. Benjamin Harrison, IN. (1976).
  • Distance Learning Campus; IEEE Computing Society, Las Alamitas, CA. (2002).
  • Professional Development Centre; ACM Information Network, New York, NY. (2002).
  • Web Publishing @ Intel; Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR. (2000).
  • Discover Visio 2000 Instructor Guide; Visio Corporation, Seattle, WA. (1999).
  • Internet Web Authoring & Publishing; CBT Systems USA Ltd., Menlo Park, CA. (1999).
  • Microsoft FrontPage 98; CBT Systems USA Ltd., Menlo Park, CA. (1999).
  • Microsoft Access 97 Intermediate, Advanced and Power User; CBT Systems USA Ltd., Menlo Park, CA. (1998).
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0; CBT Systems USA Ltd., Menlo Park, CA. (1998).
  • An Overview of Java; CBT Systems USA Ltd., Menlo Park, CA. (1998).
  • Visual Basic 4.0 Programming; Bellevue Community College, Bellevue, WA. (1996).
  • UNIX Operating System Administration & Shell Programming; California State University, Long Beach, CA. (1993).
  • Novell Netware Troubleshooting; California State University, Long Beach, CA. (1993).
  • Technical Report Writing; University of Maryland, Keflavik NAS, Iceland. (1991).
  • Microcomputer Maintenance & Repair; Naval Regional Data Automation Center, Norfolk, VA. (1990).


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