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Always in Progress…

Dare Devlin
Newly-Discovered & Never Before Published Exploits of the World’s Most Brazen Adventurer!

Allyson’s Book Reviews
The books that are reviewed here are, for the most part, Medical History Books as that’s my real passion when it comes to reading… but I’ve also snuck in a ton of mystery books too.

Iva Toguri
You’ve probably never heard of Iva Toguri and, if you have any association with the name “Orphan Ann” at all, it’s probably to the Little Orphan Annie comic strip…

Gundam and the High Frontier
This site was created in 1999 to acknowledge, annotate, celebrate, commemorate, elucidate, and explicate both Gundam and the High Frontier…

Space Station Nexus
Tales of Space Station Nexus (currently off-line)

13 thoughts on “You’re In: DyarStraights!”

  1. Appreciating the time and energy you put into your blog and detailed information you offer.

    It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed information.

    Fantastic read! I’ve saved your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  2. Was watching my boys play Angry Birds Star Wars 2, and was reminded of you. Aside from the little shit like age, skin tone, hair color, height, etc., they looked just like you!!

    1. Hi Josh!

      That’s totally too funny! What are you doing these days? Working at Intel occupies time (and pays me too!) Despite not missing AT&T, I miss all you guys!

      1. Yeah, you and some of the other crew were really “the best part of AT&T”. Not doing much. Still unemployed, if you can believe it. Fell on some bad luck, but digging clear of it now. Life has a way of being inconvenient at inopportune times.

        Intel, ah? Used to have a lady friend worked there, in accounts payables. Of course, she retired years ago. How do you like it?

        1. I so miss everyone at AT&T — we were a great group.

          Sorry to read that you’re still not working but glad to see you’re digging out from under…

          Intel is a fantastic place to work. They treat you like real human beings! I actually work directly for CDI supporting — if you ever find yourself selling Intel products, let me know!

  3. I found this blog on a whim searching for things relating to the MSG Universal Century era, and y’all’s master timeline has been massively helpful for me. Thanks for putting in the effort!

    1. Glad it’s still doing what I intended back in 1999, coming up on 25 years ago. It’s been something of a “cobweb” site of late, with few updates even before COVID, but it bridges the gap between the O’Neill Space Island concept & the Gundam Universal Century based on it. Your appreciation is greatly appreciated!

      1. I guess the question now is do you plan to add the events of Reconguista in G to the timeline since they are technically UC like Victory and Turn A?

        1. I have no plans to do so, but others seem keen to stitch them all together. If you scroll down to the end of the UC Master Timeline, you’ll find posts by “Terminimal” (14 Sep 2016) & “and avid UC Researcher” (Dec 2015) raising the same question & also disputing my conflation of the UC with the Correct Century.

          I’ve been given to understand that Gundam Reconquista in G begins in Regild Century 1014 or 1,014 years after the end of the UC, but at this point I have insufficient data to determine where exactly UC, CC & RC connect or the correct AD equivalent start & end dates that would allow me to link them coherently.

          I haven’t really gotten specific dates to flesh out the Mafty Incident in any more detail than I got from the side story before it was adapted to anime & still waiting for the conclusion of that.

          The “Dark History” still remains extremely dark indeed.

          Feel free to add your comments to the Timeline as others have done to address where they rightly belong chronologically.

          1. That makes sense, I might see if I can get my hands on material that sheds light on the G-Reco timeline a little more clearly than the show/movies.

  4. If you can establish the temporal relativity of the various Centuries, I can update the Timeline accordingly. If you have G-Reco entries or can direct me to an online source of same, I can add them as time permits. It may be best to continue the discussion by writing to me directly at rather than here.

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