Universal Century Master Timeline



Mobile Suit Gundam: High Frontier

Life In The Universal Century

Universal Century Master Timeline

Since the Gundam world is a forward projection of our own, actual historical events relevant to the more commonly given canonical ones are included to provide a sense of continuity and historical perspective. The “Gundam century” is thus incorporated in several centuries worth of actual chronology.

In the two decades that have passed since the original Gundam series was produced, many of the early entries have been removed as real-life events have caught up with fictional ones. They have been preserved here for their genuine historical value and are indicated in red.

Getting Started

The start date for the Universal Century (UC) calendar used here is based on dateline “Monday, 14 January 0080” that appeared in the final episode of Gundam 0080. By this reckoning, the Universal Century begins in 2081 AD, following 36 years of construction begun in 2045 AD. UC dates may thus be converted to AD by adding 2080 and AD dates converted to UC by subtracting 2080.

Traditional Asian calendar dates may be derived by adding 2698 to AD dates or 4778 to UC dates. Thus, 2080 AD is the Year of the Rat 4778 (AD + 2698) and UC 0001 is the Year of the Ox 4779 (UC + 4778). If your Web browser has JavaScript support enabled, you can view the associated astrological signs for the traditional Asian calendar in a pop-up Traditional Asian to Universal Century Calendar Conversion Chart.

Making the Grade

Like many anime shows, Mobile Suit Gundam uses the World War II Japanese Imperial Army (Taikoku Rikugun) and Navy (Taikoku Kaigun) ranking system, which doesn’t correspond to any modern system. There are, for example, only seven enlisted grades, not the nine with which most modern viewers are familiar. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the Japanese system uses the same terms for both Army and Navy officer ranks. Some translators opt to use Army ranks, others Navy ranks and still others an uneasy mix of the two. This has resulted in a number of mistranslations.

The rank of “Captain” is especially problematic. In the Army, a captain is an O-3, a company grade officer equivalent to a Navy lieutenant. In the Navy, a captain is an O-6, a field grade officer equivalent to an Army colonel. Furthermore, “Captain” is also an honorific title given to the senior officer (“Skipper”) of a ship, whether civilian or military, regardless of rank. This confusion doesn’t exist in Japanese, where an O-3 is a Tai’i and an O-6 is a Taishō in both services, a military skipper is a Kanchō and a civilian skipper is a Senchō.

To eliminate ambiguity, standard military pay grade—O-1 to O-10 for commissioned officer, W-1 to W-4 for warrant officer (WO) and E-1 to E-7 for non-commissioned officer (NCO) and enlisted—is given here in lieu of any specific military service rank. If your Web browser has JavaScript support enabled, you can view the 22 military pay grades and their corresponding Japanese and English language Army and Navy ranks in a handy pop-up Military Pay Grade to Army & Navy Rank Conversion Chart.

(Note: Both charts use the same pop-up window, so you can only view one chart at a time!)

AD 1771 AD 1771: Now & Then, Here & There

UC 0001 UC 0001: The Universal Century

UC 0079 UC 0079: The One Year War

UC 0083 UC 0083: The Delaz Turmoil

UC 0087 UC 0087: The Gryps Conflict

UC 0088 UC 0088: Neo Zeon & New Decides

UC 0093 UC 0093: Char’s Counter Attack

UC 0096 UC 0096: Laplace Conflict

UC 0123 UC 0123: Cosmo Babylonia

UC 0153 UC 0153: The Zanscare Empire

UC 0223 UC 0223: The Gaian Rebellion

CC 2345 CC 2345: The Moon Race Invasion


Universal Century Master Timeline
1771.11.27 Joseph-Louis Lagrange theorizes the five libration points in the Earth–Moon orbital system, designated L1 to L5.
1801.01.01 Father Giuseppe Piazzi discovers asteroid 1 Ceres.
1802.03.28 H. Wilhelm Olbers discovers asteroid 2 Pallas.
1804.09.01 Karl Harding discovers asteroid 3 Juno.
1807.03.29 H. Wilhelm Olbers discovers asteroid 4 Vesta.
1845.12.08 Karl L. Hencke discovers asteroid 5 Astræa.
1847 Asteroids 6 Hebe, 7 Iris and 8 Flora discovered.
1848 Andrew Graham discovers asteroid 9 Metis.
1849 Annibale De Gasparis discovers asteroids 10 Hygeia and 11 Parthenope.
1850 Asteroid 12 Victoria and 13 Egeria discovered.
1851 Asteroid 14 Irene and 15 Eunomia.
1852 Asteroids 16 Psyche through 23 Thalia discovered..
1853 Asteroids 24 Themis, 25 Phocaea, 26 Proserpina and 27 Euterpe discovered.
1854 Asteroids 28 Bellona through 33 Polyhymnia discovered.
1855 Asteroids 34 Circe, 35 Leukothea, 36 Atalante and 37 Fides discovered.
1856 Asteroids 38 Leda, 39 Lætitia, 40 Harmonia, 41 Daphne and 42 Isis discovered.
1857 Asteroids 43 Ariadne through 50 Virginia and 56 Melete discovered.
1858 Asteroids 51 Nemausa through 55 Pandora discovered.
1859.09.22 Robert Luther discovers asteroid 57 Mnemosyne.
1860 Asteroids 58 Concordia, 59 Elpis, 60 Echo, 61 Danae and 62 Erato discovered.
1869 Edward Everett Hale proposes a habitable artificial satellite (“The Brick Moon”).
1874.05 The Royal Greenwich Observatory begins making detailed observations of sunspot activity. Monthly averages show that sunspot activity waxes and wanes in an approximate 11-year cycle.
1878 Jules Verne and Kurt Lasswitz popularize space travel and orbital habitats.
1879 Solar Cycle 12 at solar maximum.
1890 Solar Cycle 13 at solar maximum.
1895 Konstantin Tsiolkovsky presents scientifically valid designs for orbital habitats.
1901 Solar Cycle 14 at solar maximum.
1906 Lagrange’s theory is confirmed by the discovery of the “Trojan” asteroids 588 Achilles and 617 Patrocolus at Jupiter’s L4 and L5 points, respectively.
1912 Solar Cycle 15 at solar maximum.
  • Rocketry pioneer Hermann Oberth elaborates on potential uses for space stations.
  • Solar Cycle 16 at solar maximum.
  • J. Desmond Bernal proposes a 500-meter (1,640-foot) spherical space habitat containing a complete closed ecosystem.
  • Hermann (Potočnik) Noordung proposes construction of 30-meter (100-foot) wheel-shaped space stations (“Wohnrad”) in geosynchronous Earth orbit.
1934 Solar Cycle 17 at solar maximum.
1942.10.03 Wernher Von Braun launches V-2 rocket bomb, first ballistic space flight.
1945 Solar Cycle 18 at solar maximum.
1945.04.24 United Nations Conference opens in San Francisco CA.
1945.06.26 United Nations Charter signed by delegates of the 50 attending nations.
1945.07.16 First nuclear weapon test at Trinity NM.
1945.07.28 The U.S. Senate ratifies the United Nations Charter by a vote of 89 to 2.
1946.12.14 John D. Rockefeller Jr. donates $8,500,000 to purchase property along New York’s East River for a permanent United Nations HQ.
1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (based on the American Bill of Rights, the British Magna Carta, and the French Declaration of the Rights of Man) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly at Paris.
1949.10.24 United Nations Day, marking dedication of UN permanent HQ in New York City.
1952.03.22 Wernher Von Braun publishes first article popularizing manned orbital space stations.
1954.01.21 The U.S. launches USS Nautilus, first nuclear-powered submarine.
1956 Solar Cycle 19 at solar maximum.
1957.10.04 The U.S.S.R. launches Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite.
1958.01.31 In response to Sputnik, the U.S. launches Explorer 1, which encounter zones of radiation later defined as the Van Allen radiation belt.
1958.10.01 The U.S. establishes the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA).
1960 Yuri Artsutanov proposes the “Skyhook” surface-to-GEO “beanstalk” space elevator.
1960.09.24 The U.S. launches USS Enterprise, first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.
1961 Arthur C. Clarke proposes space habitats in the Lagrange points.
1961.04.17 The U.S.S.R. launches Yuri A. Gagarin in Vostok 1, the first manned spacecraft.
1963 Dandridge M. Cole and Donald W. Cox propose 30-km (18-mi.) orbital habitats made from asteroids.
1963.06.14 The U.S.S.R. launches Valentina V. Tereshkova in Vostok 6, the first woman in space.
1966.04 Paolo Solieri proposes Asteromo 70,000-person solar-powered orbital habitat.
1967 Solar Cycle 20 at solar maximum.
1969.07.20 The U.S. Apollo 11 mission lands on the Moon.
1970 James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis propose their “Gaia Hypothesis” of Terrestrial symbiosis.
1973 Henry Gray patents the “Vivarium” closed-type cylindrical space colony design (U.S. Patent 3,749,332).
1974 Professor Gerard K. O’Neill publishes his “High Frontier” space colony concept.
1975.07.17 The U.S. Apollo 18 docks with the U.S.S.R. Soyuz 19, first cooperative ventures in space.
  • The U.S. Viking 1 photographs the Martian surface.
  • Olympiad XIX.
1977.03.12 The U.S. rolls out the space shuttle prototype Enterprise at Cape Canaveral FL, first commercial spacecraft.
1977.08.12 First free flight of the space shuttle prototype Enterprise at Edwards AFB, CA
  • L5 Society founded.
  • Solar Cycle 21 at solar maximum.
1979 Paolo Solieri builds first “arcology” (architectural ecology) Arcosanti near Phoenix AZ.
1980.11 The U.S. Voyager 1 surveys Saturn.
1982.04 Outbreak of the Falklands conflict between England and Argentina.
1982.04.12 The U.S. launches STS-1 Columbia, the first containerized cargo vessel in space
1985.04.01 Halley’s Comet at perigee, 1st Comet Halley Intercept Probe (CHIP) mission.
1986.01.28 The 25th space shuttle mission, STS-51L Challenger, explodes 73 seconds after liftoff, at an altitude of 14 km (8.7 mi.) and a speed of 2,291 kph (1,424 mph) [Mach 1.92].
1986.04.26 The Chernobyl reactor melts down, the worst nuclear accident to date.
1989 Solar Cycle 22 at solar maximum.
1989.10.18 NASA launches the Galileo orbiter from STS-34 Atlantis on a Venus-Earth-Earth Gravity Assist (VEEGA) trajectory toward Jupiter.
1991.10.29 The Galileo orbiter flies within 1,595 km (991 mi.) of the S-type asteroid 951 Gaspra.
1991.12.21 The U.S.S.R. is dissolved.
  • The Biosphere experiment begins.
  • Summer Olympiad XXV. Winter Olympiad XVI.
1993 Small local wars break out across the globe, threatening to escalate into a third world war. The crisis fuels global concerns over pollution, overpopulation, resource shortages, famine, crime and violence.
1993.08.28 The Galileo orbiter flies within 2,397 km (1,490 mi.) of the S-type asteroid 243 Ida. Images show the first known asteroidal moon, Dactyl, orbiting Ida at a distance of 100 km (62 mi.).
1994.01.24 NASA and the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO) launch the Clementine mission to to make scientific observations of the Moon and the S-type near Earth asteroid 1620 Geographos.
1994.02.21 The Clementine spacecraft begins a two-month mapping scan of the Moon.
1994.05.07 A computer malfunction aboard the Clementine spacecraft exhaust all of its propellant, setting it spinning at about 80 RPM with no spin control. The follow-on mission to 1620 Geographos is no longer possible.
1994.07.16 Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 collides with Jupiter. The impact is observed by the Galileo orbiter from a distance of 240 million km (150 million mi.) [1.6 AU]. Twenty-one discernable fragments with diameters estimated at up to 2 km (1¼ mi.) impact the planet at 60 km/s (37 mps) [Mach 181].
1995.07.13 The NASA Galileo orbiter launches its Jupiter probe.
1995.12.07 The NASA Galileo probe enters the atmosphere of Jupiter.
1996.02.17 NASA launches the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) spacecraft on a mission to rendezvous with and achieve orbit around the S-type asteroid 433 Eros.
1996.06.27 The Galileo orbiter flies within 832 km (517 mi.) of Ganymede (1st pass).
1996.09.06 The Galileo orbiter flies within 225 km (140 mi.) of Ganymede (2nd pass).
1996.11.04 The Galileo orbiter flies within 1,098 km (682 mi.) of Callisto (1st pass).
1996.11.29 Imagery from the Clementine spacecraft shows permanently shadowed craters near the Moon’s south pole that may contain frozen volatiles, including water ice.
1996.12.19 The Galileo orbiter flies within 698 km (434 mi.) of Europa (1st pass).
1997.02.20 The Galileo orbiter flies within 587 km (365 mi.) of Europa (2nd pass).
1997.04.05 The Galileo orbiter flies within 3,095 km (1,923 mi.) of Ganymede (3rd pass).
1997.05.07 The Galileo orbiter flies within 1,485 km (923 mi.) of Ganymede (4th pass).
1997.06.25 The Galileo orbiter flies within 416 km (259 mi.) of Callisto (2nd pass).
1997.06.27 The NEAR spacecraft flies within 1,200 km (745 mi.) of the C-type asteroid 253 Mathilde.
1996.09.16 The Galileo orbiter flies within 538 km (334 mi.) of Callisto (3rd pass).
1997.11.06 The Galileo orbiter flies within 2,042 km (1,269 mi.) of Europa (3rd pass).
1998.01.07 NASA launches the Lunar Prospector low polar orbit investigation of the Moon.
1998.01.23 The NEAR spacecraft flies by the Earth to gather the Δ-V required to reach 433 Eros.
1998.04.05 The Lunar Prospector spacecraft returns data indicating that water ice is present at both the north and south Lunar poles.
1998.10.24 NASA launches the first of the New Millennium Program missions, the solar electric ion-driven Deep Space 1 (DS1).
1999.02.08 The NEAR spacecraft flies within 3,830 km (2,375 mi.) of asteroid 433 Eros.
1999.07.29 The Earth Federation is formed in response to global concerns over pollution, overpopulation, resource shortages, famine, crime and violence. Earth is divided into 11 administrative areas: North America, South America, Europe, North Africa/Arabia, South Africa, Russia/Siberia, Central Asia, East Asia, India, Southeast Asia and Oceania.
1999.07.31 The Lunar Prospector spacecraft impacts the Moon near the south pole in a controlled crash to look for evidence of water ice, but none is observed.
  • Solar Cycle 23 at solar maximum.
  • Summer Olympiad XXVII.
2000.01.01 The Federation formally announces its Space Colonization Plan.
2001 Lunar bases constructed in Cayley, Clavius, Copernicus and Tycho craters.
2001.02.12 The NEAR spacecraft touches down on asteroid 433 Eros.
2001.07.29 The DS1 spacecraft flies within 15 km (9 mi.) of the S-type asteroid 9969 Braille (1999 KD).
2001.09.22 The DS1 spacecraft flies within 2,200 km (1,367 mi.) of comet Borelly.
2001.12.18 NASA retires the DS1 spacecraft.
2002 Winter Olympiad XIX.
2002.01.17 The Galileo orbiter flies within 100 km (62 mi.) of Io (32nd pass). It transmits its final series of 70 photographs on this, its closest approach to any Jovian moon.
2003.09 The Galileo orbiter impacts Jupiter to probe the atmosphere, ending its mission.
2005 First Solar Power Station Satellite (SPSS-1) launched.
2006 Winter Olympiad XX.
2009 Earth Federal Force (EFF) peacekeepers established to enforce Federation edicts. GHQ constructed at Jaburo, Amazonas, Brazil. EFF Academy established at Nijmegan, Netherlands.
2011 Solar Cycle 24 at solar maximum.
2012 Summer Olympiad XXX.
  • Lunar mass driver built in Censorinus crater, near Tranquility Base.
  • Solar Cycle 25 at solar maximum.
  • The Jupiter Energy Fleet (JEF) is launched from Lunar orbit to collect helium³, hydrogen and methane from Jupiter’s atmosphere.
  • Final Winter Olympiad XXV—Summer and Winter Games recombined.
2029 The Set Mission intercepts the 350-meter asteroid 99942 Apophis before it can reach perigee, projected within GEO, and deflect it well clear of any gravitational keyhole that might result in it impacting near Hawaii on 13 April 2036 with an estimated 510-megaton energy release.
2032 Olympiad XXXV.
2033 Solar Cycle 26 at solar maximum.
Olympiad XXXVI.
2040 Olympiad XXXVII.
  • Solar Cycle 27 at solar maximum.
  • Olympiad XXXVIII.
2045 ~ 0001 With Earth’s population at 9 billion, an ambitious space colonization program begins. Construction of the Shangri-La colony at Side 1 (Zarn Province) begins in L5. Upon its completion in 2081, the calendar is changed to the Universal Century era.
2048 Olympiad XXXIX.
2052 Olympiad XL.
2055 Solar Cycle 28 at solar maximum.
2056 Olympiad XLI.
2060 Olympiad XLII.
2062.10.15 Halley’s Comet at perigee, 2nd CHIP mission.
2064 Olympiad XLIII.
2065 Syam Vist born.
2066 Solar Cycle 29 at solar maximum.
Olympiad XLIV.
2072 Olympiad XLV.
2076 Olympiad XLVI.
Solar Cycle 30 at solar maximum.
2080 Olympiad XLVII.
  • Human migration into space begins in earnest. The calendar is changed to the Universal Century era.
  • Construction of Side 1 (L1) Bunch 1 (Shangri-La) space colony is completed.
  • The Colony Management Corporation (CMC) is established.
0001.01.01 During the inauguration of a new UC calendar, Earth Federation Prime Minister Ricardo Marcenas’s official residence of Laplace, a Stanford torus-type habitat in a 200-kilometer polar orbit along the Earth’s terminator that keeps it perpetually sunlit, is destroyed in a tragic terrorist incident. Amid the wreckage, Syam Vist salvages an item subsequently known as the “Laplace Box” that will be passed down through the generations, its existence remaining a heavily guarded secret throughout the next century.
0004 Olympiad XLVIII.
  • Solar Cycle 31 at solar maximum.
  • Olympiad XLIX.
0009 Zeon Zum Deikun and Anton Flanagan born.
  • The Jupiter Energy Fleet (JEF) is reorganized into the Jupiter Development Enterprise Group (JDEP).
  • The population of the space colonies reaches 250,000.
  • Yuri Torenov Minovsky born.
0012 Olympiad L.
0015 The population of the space colonies reaches 1½ million.
  • The Federation establishes the Frontier Settlement Transport Bureau (FSTB).
  • Gidan Nickard born.
  • Olympiad LI.
0017 Degwin Sodo Zabi born.
  • One-millionth “Spacenoid” baby born in Side 2 (L4).
  • Side 1 (L1) Bunch 1 (Shangri-La) selected as site of Olympiad LII, the first to be held off the Earth.
0019 Solar Cycle 32 at solar maximum.
  • The population of the space colonies reaches 5 million.
  • The EFF is divided into separate land, sea and air services.
  • Olympiad LII.
  • The Federation announces the end of warfare on Earth.
  • Brian Eno and Albert Schacht born.
0024 Olympiad LIII.
  • The population of the space colonies reaches 50 million.
  • Kaiser Pinefield and Martin Prochnow born.
  • Von Braun City, the first permanent lunar settlement, is completed.
  • The Lunar Economic Development Authority (LEDA), an independent non-governmental organization, is established.
  • Jamitov Hymem born.
  • Olympiad LIV.
  • Zinba Ral and Maharajah Karn born.
  • Elliott Lem born in Side 1 (L5).
  • Blex Forer and John Cowen born.
  • The Federation privatizes the Frontier Settlement Transport Bureau (FSTB), which becomes the Space Transport Enterprise Group (STEP).
  • The population of the space colonies reaches 500 million.
  • Huyman Carlyle born.
  • Solar Cycle 33 at solar maximum.
0032 Olympiad LV.
  • The Federation again reorganizes the Space Transport Enterprise Group. An independent non-governmental organization, the Public Corporation of Space Transport (PCST), is established.
  • Construction of Side 2 (L4) Bunch 1 space colony is completed.
0035 Construction of Side 3 (Munzo Province) begins in L2 using Minovsky “closed-type” design.
  • Terrance Richman and Cardeas Vist born.
  • Olympiad LVI.
0038 Matt Austin, Ehrlich Krüger and Eiphar Synapse born.
0039 Enzo Bernini, Saki Dessau, Aristide Hughes and Ullhammer T. Keynes born.
  • Total human population reaches 11 billion, of whom 40% (about 5 billion) have migrated to space.
  • Olympiad LVII.
  • Aleksandro Hemme born.
  • The orbit of asteroid 3 Juno is altered to send it to the Earth Sphere.
  • Solar Cycle 34 at solar maximum.
  • Martha Vist [Carbine] born.
0043 Franklin Bidan and Jean Luc Duvall born.
  • Half of the total human population now lives in space.
  • Ere-ism, the philosophy that the Earth is sacred and that humanity should leave it in peace, begins to spread.
  • The EFF develops the RTX-44 Main Battle Tank (MBT) land combat vehicle.
  • South Burning, Crux Dogatie, Manning, Ramba Ral, Garret Schmitzer, Demeziere Sonnen, Gihren Zabi and Suberoa Zinnerman born.
  • Olympiad LVIII.
  • The asteroid 3 Juno is moved into Lunar orbit to provide materials for colony construction and renamed Luna² (“Luna Two”).
  • The Minovsky Physics Society is founded at Side 3 (L2).
  • Migration to Side 1 (L5) and Side 2 (L4) ends.
  • Roy Greenwood (originally Grunwald) born in Side 4 (L5).
  • Henry Boone born.
  • Zeon Zum Deikun begins to propagate his philosophy of Contolism, a synthesis of Ere-ism (the philosophy that the Earth is sacred and that humanity should leave it in peace) and Side-ism (the belief the Sides should be treated as sovereign nations).
  • Aiguille Delaz born.
  • Development of the Minovsky-Ionesco fusion reactor begins.
  • Sasro Zabi and Hilde [Bidan] born.
  • Cima Garahau born in Side 3 (L2) Bunch 38 (Mahal).
  • Conrad Morris born.
  • Olympiad LIX.
  • Gerald Sakai born in Side 3 (L2).
  • Ruce Cassel, Hugues Courand, Yahagi Franziback and Hawk Reuser born.
0049.03.19 Brave Cod born in North America.
  • Out of the total human population of 11 billion, 9 billion (82%) have migrated to space.
  • Degwin Sodo Zabi marries the much younger Naliss [Unknown].
  • Bask Om, Renceh and Terry Sanders Jr. born.
  • The Federation halts development of new colonies, effectively ending its active space colonization program.
  • Alien Landholding Law passed.
  • Ian Greydon, Rally Radly, Sandra and Dozle Zabi born in Side 3 (L2).
  • Crowley Hamon born in Side 5 (L1).
  • Bork Kurai born in Japan.
  • Doug Kyson, Otto Mitas and Heinz Webern born.
  • Zeon Zum Deikun moves to Side 3 (L2) to realize his philosophy of Contolism.
  • Migration to Side 6 (L4) ends.
  • Ken Bederstadt, Stole Mannings, Ginias Sahalin and Lee Swaggard born.
  • Solar Cycle 35 at solar maximum.
  • Olympiad LX.
  • Zeon Zum Deikun is elected as the premiere of Side 3 (L2).
  • Angelina, Thomas P. Ames, Amy Bauer-Meister, Monique Cadillac, Hugh Carter, Nada Chinomi, Matt Heley, James A. Isolde, Karen Joshua, Adenauer Paraya and Erinsuto Ponowa born.
0053.09.04 Tosh Cray born in North America.
0054 Yuji Arukana, Meitzer Buch [Ronah], Eiger, Eton F. Heathrow, Wes Murphy and Lou Roher born.
  • Scharnhorst Buch founds the Buch Konzern space salvage business.
  • Sophie Franc, Mabban Kirov, Mao Liang, M’quve, Shin Matsunaga and Kycilia Zabi born in Side 3 (L2).
  • Johnny Nakamizo born in Side 2 (L4).
  • Nesca Coleman born in Side 6 (L4).
  • Matilda Ajan, Alpha A. Bate, Eledore Massis, Oliver May, Bernard Monsha, Gusttare Piper, Forud Romfellow, Mallette Sanguine, Minoru Suzuki and Hideto Washiya born.
  • [Chōjo] Karn, Zenna [Kirov] and Johnny Ridden born in Side 3 (L2).
  • Shirō Amada born in Side 2 (L4).
  • Henken Bekkener, Liam Borrinnea, Christo Dear, Yū Kajima, Anish Roffman, Mike Saotome and Keimoss Sato born.
  • Olympiad LXI.
  • Thomas Kurtz born on Earth.
  • Mora Bascht born in Von Braun City.
  • Cherie Allison, Lester Carrot, Jessica Diaz, Yazan Gable, Ray Hamilton and Giorgio Miguel born.
0057.09.27 “Char Aznable” supposedly born in Side 3 (L2).
  • Side 3 (L2) declares its independence, and the Colony Republic is founded with Zeon Zum Deikun as its chairman. A militia, the Colony Republican Guard, is formed.
  • Cameron Bloom, Annie Brebig, Fabian Frischknecht, Anavel Gato, Saki Graham, Daghda MacCumhaill, Doguza Mackle, Nicki Robert, Ricardo Vega and Chung Yung born.
0058.04.01 Halley’s Comet at perigee, 3rd CHIP mission.
0058.05.01 Christina MacKenzie born in Side 6 (L4) Bunch 35 (Libot).
  • The Earth Federal Space Force (EFSF) is established as a separate service. The Federation adopts the Bardot Policy and applies economic sanctions against Side 3 (L2).
  • Chap Adel, Audrey April, Oksana Boginskaya, Yayoi Ikaruga, Yuki Nakasato, Aina Sahalin, Braun Wooder and Garma Zabi born.
  • Naliss Zabi dies shortly after giving birth to Garma.
0059.11.17 Casval Rem Deikun (“Char Aznable”) born in Side 3 (L2).
  • The Federation launches the Year 60 Armament Reinforcement Plan, spearheaded by the EFF. Luna² is converted into a military base.
  • Icelina Eschonbach, Byrne Fikuzesu, Elizaa Heaven, Charlotte Hepner, Herman Killmeyer, Kazakh Larson, Kelly Layzner, Karl Matsubara, Bright Noa and Bernard Wiseman born.
  • Olympiad LXII.
0060.12.07 Fast Side born in South America.
  • The EFF fields the Type 61 twin-150mm MBT.
  • Ailos Bade, Fritz Bauer, Erik Blanke, Hugh Carter, Lilia Flauberl, Ryu Hosei, Eliard Hunter, Noruto Kisano, Alexei Nabokov, Michel Ninorich, Rosa Yakamoto and Mirai Yashima [Noa] born.
  • The Colony Republican Guard is elevated to the status of a full-fledged military, the Zeon Elite Force (ZEF).
  • Alien Exclusion Act passed.
  • Natalie Bianchi, Figline Isuteru, Berude Kisano, Nina Purpleton, Kiki Rosita, Paptimus Scirocco, Marie Sheen, Kai Shiden, Chiffon C. Simon, Nils Theorell, Noel Underson and Miharu Zabi born.
0062.04.01 Zeon Elite Force Academy (ZEFA) founded in Side 3 (L2).
0062.09.12 Artesia Som Deikun born in Side 3 (L2).
  • Apolly Bay, Kurt Bratt, Kacricon Cacooler, Chuck Keith, Jerid Messa, Roberto, Emma Sheen and Alberto Vist born.
  • Solar Cycle 36 at solar maximum.
0063.06.13 Tex West born in North America.
0063.11.04 Amuro Ray born in Japan.
  • The EFF conducts a naval review. The new spaceships developed as part of the Year 60 Armament Reinforcement Plan take center stage.
  • Ramba Ral joins the ZEFA.
  • Kamuji, Fraw Bow [Kobayashi], Hayato Kobayashi, Reccoa Londe, Edgar Edmond Smith and Kou Uraki born.
  • Olympiad LXIII.
  • The Minovsky Physics Society observes a unique electromagnetic wave effect within the Minovsky-Ionesco fusion reactor, leading to the discovery of the Minovsky particle. Subsequent research results are kept secret.
  • A political schism between Zeon Zum Deikun and the influential Zabi family is made public.
  • Wybull Gardner, May Kauwin and Lila Milla Rira born.
0066 Gilboa Sant born.
0066.04.19 Josh Offshore born in North America.
0066.07.02 Chyara Soon born in Side 3 (L2).
0066.08.05 Shin Crypt born in Side 6 (L4).
0066.12.10 Emily Ounce born.
0066.12.13 Ryū Roots born in Side 7 (L3).
  • The Federation rejects a motion for colonial autonomy.
  • Construction plan for Side 7 (L3) announced.
  • Terrance Richman and Ullhammer T. Keynes demonstrate the Raiant R-7 prototype humanoid robot to Rob Torres.
  • Chein Agi, Phaeton Rahu Algis, Shin Barnack, Rakan Dakaran, Beltorchika Irma and Astonaige Medoz born.
0067.01.10 Haman Karn born in Side 3 (L2).
0067.11.11 Sigman Shade born in Side 2 (L4).
    • Scharnhorst Buch purchases the good name of the Ronah noble European family.
    • Alfred Izuruha born in Side 6 (L4) Bunch 35 (Libot).
    • Darry Neil Guns born in Side 2 (L4).
    • Aitolle Holst, Romero Marvall and Masai Ngaba born.

  • Olympiad LXIV.
0068.02 Field test of Raiant R-8 prototype humanoid robot.
0068.10 Zeon Zum Deikun dies of unknown causes (possibly assassinated) and is succeeded by former advisor Degwin Sodo Zabi, whose second son, Sasro, is assassinated in what appears to be an act of revenge by Deikun’s followers.
  • Alvenica Kiest born in Yakutsk, Siberia.
  • Rosamia Badam, Erisia Nocton, Mouar Pharaoh and Flaste Schole born.
  • The Zeon Principality is established, with Degwin Sodo Zabi as Sovereign. Degwin’s first son, Gihren, leads a purge of Zeon Zum Deikun’s followers.
  • Casval and Artesia Deikun are taken to Earth by Zinba Ral and his wife, who purchase the Maas family name and adopt them as Edward and Sayla.
  • The ZEF becomes the cadre of a new and vastly expanded Zeon Military Force (ZMF).
  • The ZMF commissions the first Papua-class transport ship.
  • The validity of Minovsky physics is confirmed by the discovery of the “M” particle.
0069.11.11 Kamille Bidan born.
  • The EFF launches the Year 70 Armament Reinforcement Plan.
  • Akira, Asuna Elmarit, “Four Murasame” [Unknown], Lezun Schneider, Kenneth Sleg, Kara Su, Emilu Voightländer and Fa Yuiry born.
0070.03 The ZMF successfully experiments with the Minovsky jamming effect.
0070.05 The ZMF completes the megaparticle beam gun.
0070.06 The ZMF commissions the first Chivvay-class heavy cruiser.
0070.09.17 Roux Louka born.
0070.10 The EFF Year 70 Armament Reinforcement Plan produces the Salamis-class cruiser and Magellan-class battleship.
0070.10.29 Mashima Ciro born in Side 3 (L2).
  • Luna² is moved to L3 to begin construction of Side 7 (Noa Province).
  • Sides 1 and 4 (Zarn and Mua Provinces) are in L5, Sides 2 and 6 (Hatte and Reah Provinces) in L4, Side 3 (Zeon Principality) in L2, and Side 5 (Loum Province) in L1.
  • The ZMF begins development of new weapons for use within a Minovsky particle field.
  • The Minovsky-Ionescu compact fusion reactor is completed.
  • Gihren Zabi proclaims his “Survival of the Selected” theory.
  • The EFF completes the FF-S3 Saberfish space fighter and adopts 9×19mm Colt M71A1 as its general issue sidearm.
  • Katz Hawin [Kobayashi], Selana Karn, Adel Lagiorr, Karl Schpitz, Grey Stoke and Gremmi Toto born.
  • Preeminent Zeon scientist Y.T. Minovsky defects to the Federation, creating a scandal in the Zeon Principality.
  • The ZMF begins construction of the mobile asteroid fortress Axis in the asteroid belt.
  • The ZMF begins the development of the YMT-05 Hildolfr transformable mobile tank.
  • The EFF adopts the 4.85mm Colt M72A1 as its general issue small arm.
  • The Yashima and Kiest families emigrate to Side 2 (L4).
  • Rasara and Sarasa Moon born in Moon-Moon.
  • Olympiad LXV.
  • The ZMF completes the first of a new type of weapon, dubbed the Mobile Suit (MS).
  • The ZMF adopts the M73-Mark II as its general issue normal suit.
  • Gerald Sakai enlists in the ZMF.
  • Letz Cofan [Kobayashi], Riddhe Marcenas and Sarah & Sidora Zabiarov born.
0073.02.01 Beecher Oleg born in Side 1 (L5) Bunch 1 (Shangri-La).
0073.04.05 Eno Abbov born in Side 1 (L5) Bunch 1 (Shangri-La).
0073.06.09 Mondo Akage born in Side 1 (L5) Bunch 1 (Shangri-La).
  • The EFF deploys the arachniform MG-74 Depagg mobile gun carrier and T74 hover truck.
  • Solar Cycle 37 at solar maximum.
  • Mihiro Oiwakken and Yuna born.
0074.01.12 Elle Viann born in Side 1 (L5) Bunch 1 (Shangri-La).
0074.02 The ZMF rolls out the prototype MS-05A Zaku, equipped with a Minovsky-Ionescu compact fusion reactor. 27 are produced.
0074.04 The ZMF commissions the first of an improved series of Papua-class transport ship.
0074.08.15 Foundation Day marking the 5th anniversary of the founding of the Zeon Principality observed throughout Side 3 (L2).
0074.10.10 Jude Ashita (“Umon Samon”) born in Side 1 (L5) Bunch 1 (Shangri-La).
0074.12 The first Jupiter Energy Fleet returns to the Zeon Principality with enough helium³, hydrogen and methane to make it energy independent from the Federation.
  • The Zimmad EMS-04 Zudah prototype malfunctions and self-destructs during testing, resulting in the Zeonic MS-05A Zaku winning the ZMF MS development contract.
  • The EFF begins development of the RX-75 Guntank, combining the RTX-44 MBT and FF-X7 Core Fighter with stolen plans for the MS-05A Zaku.
  • Casval Rem Deikun assumes the identity of Char Aznable, with a falsified age of 18 (birth date 0057), and enrolls in the ZMF officer training school.
  • Alvenica Kiest’s father, a New Summer Project (NSP) terrorist, is killed in action.
  • Kikka Kitamoto [Kobayashi] and Gyunei Gauss born.
0075.05 The ZMF rolls out a combat-ready version of the MS-05B Zaku.
0075.07 The ZMF commissions the first Musai-class light cruiser and decides to mass-produce the MS-05B Zaku. Nearly 800 are produced.
0075.11 The ZMF forms Mobile Training Battalion.
  • The EFF begins development of the VX-76 Ball prototype.
  • Gwydion Lenore and Leslie Arno born.
  • Olympiad LXVI.
0076.03 The ZMF commissions the first Gwazine-class battleship.
0076.04 The ZMF expands its MS production facilities.
  • The ZMF Mobile Training Battalion secretly begins practicing combat maneuvers.
  • Future “Black Tri-Stars” team members Gaia, Ortega and Mash are assigned to D Platoon, 2nd Company, Mobile Training Battalion.
0076.06 The ZMF commissions the first Zanzibar-class mobile cruiser.
0076.09 Christina MacKenzie enrolls in the EFF Academy at Nijmegan, Netherlands.
0076.12 In anticipation of an Earth invasion, the ZMF begins development of localized MS.
  • The EFF completes the component vehicles for the RX-75 Guntank prototype.
  • The ZMF terminates evaluation of the experimental YMT-05 Hildolfr transformable mobile tank.
  • Angelo Sauper born.
  • The Reah Revolution. A Nationalist faction seizes control of the local military force in Side 6 (L4), inciting a civil war with Federation loyalists. The ZMF backs the Nationalists, deploying a squad of MS-05B Zaku I and blockading the EFF. The Nationalists win and Side 6 declares independence as the Reah Republic.
  • The EFF begins experimenting with the Minovsky Craft System (MCS).
0077.08 The ZMF rolls out the prototype MS-06A Zaku II. It will not be mass-produced.
0077.09 The ZMF begins trial production of the MS-06C Zaku II.
0077.10 The ZMF produces the last run of the MS-05B Zaku I.
    • Roy Greenwood moves to Side 3 (L2) with his two children following the accidental death of his wife Katie.
    • Roy Greenwood, Shin Matsunaga and Johnny Ridden enlist in the ZMF.
    • Otis Arkins and Karoso Viggenson [Ronah] born.
0078.01 The ZMF begins mass production of the MS-06C Zaku II. It will make up the majority of their MS force at the outset of the One Year War.
0078.02 Inter-colony transportation accidents become frequent.
0078.03 The EFF secretly begin MS development. Several projects are begun simultaneously as part of the RX Plan.
0078.03.03 Leina Ashita born in Side 1 (L5) Bunch 1 (Shangri-La).
0078.03.08 Elpeo Plé and clones Plé-2 through Plé-12 (“Marida Kruz”) born.
0078.04 The EFF strengthen their colony garrisons.
0078.05 Migration begins to the incomplete Side 7 (L3) Bunch 1 (Green Oasis).
  • The ZMF begins development of the Tivvay, a heavy cruiser of the Chivvay class.
  • Christina MacKenzie graduates from EFF Academy at the top of her class and is assigned to an elite Warfare Research Group.
0078.09 The ZMF rolls out the first MS-06F and MS-06J Zaku II models.
  • The Zeon Principality announces a state of national mobilization in response to a “revolt” in the Side 3 Quintzem colony.
  • The ZMF is divided into a Space Attack Force, under the command of Dozle Zabi, and a Mobile Assault Force, commanded by Kycilia Zabi.
0078.11 The EFF conducts another naval review.
  • The ZMF secretly begins development of the Dolos-class carrier.
  • A conspiracy to assassinate Gihren Zabi is uncovered and all of the suspects are executed.
0078.12.27 Federation fighter pilot O-1 Yū Kajima encounters an MS-06 Zaku II in a derelict space colony.
0079 The One Year War. Monica [Arno], Layla Bias, Micott Bartsch, Takuya Irei and Banagher Links born.
0079.01.03 The One Year War begins. The period from 3 to 10 January 0079 becomes known as the One Week War. The Zeon Principality declares war against the Federation, simultaneously launching surprise attacks on Zarn Province in Side 1 (L5), Hatte Province in Side 2 (L4) and Mua Province in Side 4 (L5). Nuclear, Biological & Chemical (NBC) weapons are used indiscriminately and 2.8 billion lives (25% of the total human population) are lost as the EFF garrisons and the colonies that house them are destroyed.

06:31—Side 2 (L4) Bunch 13 security chief Rosenberg receives a coded message that the Zeon are mobilizing, but the line is cut before he can hear the code signifying that an attack has been initiated.

07:00—Zeon forces begin attacking Side 2 (L4).

07:45—The EFF receives word of the Zeon attack.

08:02—Side 2 (L4) Bunch 13 is completely destroyed.

  • ZMF O-4 Roy Greenwood loses his left eye.
  • EFF O-1 Thomas Kurtz defects to the ZMF.
0079.01.04 Operation British, the dropping of the depopulated Side 2 (L4) Bunch 8 (Island Iffish) onto the EFF Jaburo GHQ via a slingshot orbit around the Moon, goes awry and destroys Sydney, Australia, instead.

  • Experimental Support Cruiser Jotunheim, a conscripted civilian transport ship, makes rendezvous with a Papua-class transport and Musai-class cruiser escort to obtain the experimental anti-ship cannon QCX-76A Jormungand, which can fire from outside any ship’s range, with a range estimated at 300km even when suppressed by Minovsky particles and an expected destructive power 10 times that of normal cannons. Along with the cannon, it delivers Engineering Lieutenant O-2 Oliver May, now assigned to the 603rd Technical Evaluation Unit aboard Jotunheim.
  • Two Salamis-class cruisers attack mid-transfer, destroying the Papua, which jetisoned its cargo before attempting to retreat. The Musai engages, destroying one Salamis and damaging the other, which retreats. Jotunheim then recovers the QCX-76A Jormungand and Papua survivors.
  • O-2 Oliver May reports to O-6 Martin Prochnow for duty in the 603TEU.
  • Special Operations Captain (O-3, acting O-5) Monique Cadillac reports for duty in the 603TEU to oversee their operations.
  • O-2 Hideto Washiya reports for duty in the 603TEU.
  • Zeon 2nd Fleet, escorting Island Iffish toward Earth as part of Operation British, directs Jotunheim to change course to avoid collision.
0079.01.05 The EFF concentrates its available forces to counterattack the ZMF Space Attack Force.
0079.01.08 The EFF 4th Space Fleet, commanded by Fleet Admiral (O-9) Tianem, engages the ZMF Colony Escort Fleet. The Tianem Fleet sustains a 70% loss.
0079.01.10 08:00—The forward end of Island Iffish enters the Earth’s atmosphere.

08:35—The falling colony breaks into four pieces over the Persian Gulf.

08:41—The three smaller pieces fall on unpopulated areas of North America.

09:00—The fourth and largest falls on Sydney, Australia. The resulting 60,000 megaton blast destroys 16% of the continent, creating a 500-km (300-mi.) crater and setting off an “impact winter” that drastically changes Earth’s climate.

  • Reah Republic in Side 6 (L4) declares itself neutral, a position recognized by both the Federation and Zeon.
  • EFF O-1 Christina MacKenzie is reassigned to the EFF Unified Technical Research HQ Test Corps.
0079.01.12 The top EFF staff officers meet with an emergency session of the Federation Assembly. Surveillance by the GEO satellite network is intensified in preparation for the next Zeon attack.
0079.01.13 09:00—The ZMF 1st Combined Fleet launches toward Side 5 (L1).

20:00—The ZMF 1st Combined Fleet movement is detected by the EFF.

0079.01.14 The EFF 1st Combined Fleet, which is built around the EFF 3rd Space Fleet, commanded by General of the Army (O-10) Revil, launches from Luna² in L3.
0079.01.15 The Battle of Loum in Side 5 (L1). Zeon leaks false information that it was not satisfied with the result of Operation British and intends to try another colony drop, leading the Federation into a trap at Side 5. Half of the EFF space fleet is destroyed, along with the entire Side and its 2½ billion inhabitants, with the exception of the Texas colony, which is badly damaged. The debris field around L1 becomes known as the “Shoal Zone”. 500 million killed in action.

10:30Jotunheim sets up the QCX-76A Jormungand cannon beyond the normal range of battle, where the EFF can clearly see it, and is told the cannon will determine the outcome of the battle, but this is a diversion to draw attention from the deployment of the newly-developed MS-06 Zaku II.

10:45—The QCX-76A Jormungand is ready to fire. The EFF commences firing upon the ZMF 1st Combined Fleet. The Battle of Loum officially begins.

  • Musai-class battleship Shurebiki destroyed, breaching the ZMF 32nd Fleet battle formation.
  • Chief Gunnery Officer Aleksandro Hemme decides to manually fire a test shot due to the lack of the promised targetting data from the observation ship.
  • Magnetic interference hinders manual targeting. The test shot misses all enemy ships but drags a Salamis class cruiser in its wake.
  • Engineering Lieutenant O-2 Oliver May and O-2 Hideto Washiya launch in a shuttle to obtain targeting data themselves.
  • The QCX-76A Jormungand fires a second shot.
  • Before any members of the 603rd Technical Evaluation Unit can get close enough to the battle to be effective, Zaku units pass them by. Among them, O-2 Char Aznable, who informs them via Morse code flashed from the MS-06 main camera, that the remainder of the battle is to be left to the Mobile Assault Force squadrons.
  • A Salamis-class cruiser fires missiles at the QCX-76A Jormungand before being destroyed, injuring Hemme.
  • A heavily damaged Magellan-class battleship heads towards the QCX-76A Jormungand.
  • The third and final shot from the QCX-76A Jormungand destroys the Magellan-class battleship. Hemme later dies from his injuries.

11:20—The ZMF 1st Combined Fleet begins the attack on Side 5 (L1). The ZMF Mobile Assault Force begin attaching a nuclear pulse engine to Side 5 (L1) Bunch 11.

22:14—The EFF 1st Combined Fleet engages the ZMF 1st Combined Fleet and a fierce space battle begins.

22:40—The ZMF Mobile Assault Force abandons its colonyjack attempt on Side 5 (L1) Bunch 11, leaving the attached equipment in place.

  • ZMF O-2 Char Aznable is nicknamed “Red Comet” and promoted to O-4 by the Space Attack Force for destroying 5 Magellan-class EFF battleships.
  • ZMF E-7 Johnny Ridden is nicknamed “Red Blitz” and promoted to O-3 by the Mobile Assault Force for destroying 3 Magellan battleships.
  • ZMF E-2 Shin Matsunaga is promoted to O-2 for destroying a Magellan battleship and 5 Salamis-class cruisers.
  • ZMF O-3 Ramba Ral is nicknamed “Blue Giant” by the Space Attack Force.
  • ZMF E-5 Gerald Sakai receives a field commission to O-1 and is reassigned to Granada lunar base.
0079.01.16 01:00—The EFF 1st Combined Fleet sustains a 50% loss.

03:10—The EFF flagship Ananke, carrying fleet commander General Revil, is crippled. The ZMF Mobile Assault Force “Black Tri-Stars” team captures Revil.

04:24—The remnants of the EFF 1st Combined Fleet retreat.

06:00—The ZMF 1st Combined Fleet breaks off the attack and disperses. One by one, the ships return to Side 3 (L2) or Solomon in Side 1 (L5).

0079.01.17 ZMF O-2 Oliver May files his performance report on the QCX-76A Jormungand cannon, in which he notes that it will never be used in battle again.
  • The Zeon Principality negotiates a temporary truce with the Federation through neutral Side 6 (L4).
  • The ZMF Space Attack Force conducts a private memorial service for those killed in battle, officiated by O-9 Dozle Zabi.
0079.01.29 General Revil escapes from the ZMF during an EFF rescue mission.
  • The Antarctic Treaty is signed. Further use of NBC weapons, colony drops or other weapons of mass destruction prohibited. Sanctity of neutral space and lunar colonies guaranteed.
  • General Revil returns to Earth and delivers his “Zeon is exhausted!” speech to the Federation Assembly.
0079.02.01 The ZMF proclaims the formation of the Earth Attack Force.
0079.02.07 The ZMF begins its Earth invasion operation. Within the next two months, the ZMF will occupy two-thirds of the Earth.
0079.02.13 The EFF begins planning Operation V to develop a general-purpose MS and a carrier spacecraft.
0079.03.01 The ZMF stages its first MS drop operation. The 1st Terrestrial Mobile Division, commanded by ZMF O-8 Yuri Kellarny, is dropped at Lake Balchas and the Aral Sea to the north of the Tien Shan mountains. It captures the Baikonur EFF base in Kazakhstan and then pushes across the Caspian Sea into Europe and the Middle East.
0079.03.02 The 1st TMD captures the EFF Odessa base.
0079.03.04 The ZMF drops O-6 M’quve’s resource mining teams at Katarl, northeast of the Caspian Sea.
0079.03.05 Gihren Zabi broadcasts a victory speech throughout the Zeon Principality, touting the successful completion of the first Earth invasion operation.
  • The ZMF stages its second drop operation. The 2nd and 3rd Terrestrial Mobile Divisions are dropped on both coasts of North America, from which they press inward into the heartland.
  • ZMF O-1 Ian Greydon is assigned to the 2nd TMD.
  • The ZMF 2nd Terrestrial Mobile Division captures the EFF California base, where it establishes its HQ, and sends a detachment to capture the EFF Hawaii base.
  • The ZMF 3rd TMD captures the EFF bases at Mayport PA, Norfolk VA and Cape Canaveral FL.
0079.03.18 The ZMF stages its third drop operation. The 4th Terrestrial Mobile Division is dropped in three points in Oceania: the Gulf of Carpenteria in North Australia, the Celebes Sea between Borneo and the Philippines and the Gulf of Thailand, from whence they push up into China. It establishes bases at Subic Bay in the Philippines and Brunei, Malaysia (on Borneo Island).
0079.04 Using captured resources and facilities, the Zeon Principality begins building up its military power.
  • The EFF launches Operation V, MS and battleship R&D, and Project Vinson, mass-production of V weapons and fleet replacement.
  • Using MS facilities and factories now under development, the EFF begins MS training.
  • The ZMF drops supplemental forces. The 5th Terrestrial Mobile Division is dropped at the Red Sea and Persian Gulf, from which it fans out into North Africa and the Middle East, establishing bases at Alexandria and Suez, Egypt.
  • ZMF O-4 Roy Greenwood is assigned to 1st MS Battalion A Platoon “Karakul” Unit in Alexandria.
  • ZMF O-2 Thomas Kurtz is assigned to “Afrika Korps” Guerilla Unit G-27.
0079.04.29 Piloting a captured MS-06JC Zaku II, EFF O-5 Federico Czariano attacks, loots and destroys the ZMF 128th Supply Point in Arizona.
  • The ZMF proclaims that it will achieve total control of the Earth by August 0079.
  • Jotunheim participates in a supply drop operation with a fleet of Papua-class transports.
  • Former ZMF Tank Training Unit instructor O-4 Demeziere Sonnen is assigned to pilot the YMT-05 Hildolfr transformable mobile tank.
  • Jotunheim transports auxiliary MS-05B Zaku I units for the 3rd MS Battalion.
  • The 603rd Technical Evaluation Unit launches a Komusai to drop the YMT-05 Hildolfr for Terrestrial evaluation, with instructions to abandon it when the test is complete, after which it will redeploy with the ZMF 67th Supply Point in Arizona.
  • EFF O-5 Federico Czariano leads a squadron of captured MS-06JC Zaku II and T-61 MBT in a raid on the 67th Supply Point during the descent of the Komusai.
  • ZMF O-4 Demeziere Sonnen makes a surprise attack on the EFF commando force in the dropped YMT-05 Hildolfr, destroying all of the enemy units completely, but is mortally wounded by EFF O-5 Federico Czariano in the process.
  • EFF O-5 Federico Czariano and ZMF O-4 Demeziere Sonnen killed in action.
0079.05.11 ZMF O-2 Oliver May files his performance report on the YMT-05 Hildolfr.
  • The ZMF completes the Solomon space fortress near Side 1 (L5).
  • ZMF O-2 Shin Matsunaga is nicknamed “White Wolf of Solomon” by the Space Attack Force.
0079.05.21 The ZMF initiates Operation Trident/Javelin.
0079.05.22 Operation Hellion, an EFF attack on the ZMF orbital supply fleet, fails.
  • The ZMF completes its basic line of defense, consisting of the Solomon (L5) and A Baoa Qu (L3) space fortresses and the Granada lunar base.
  • The Flanagan Agency, a ZMF funded Newtype R&D laboratory, is established in the Baldur Bay colony of neutral Side 6 (L4).
  • The ZMF establishes a Submarine Battle Fleet HQ at Hokkaido University West and launches the “Red” offensive, a sweep toward SE Asia.
0079.06.12 The Battle of Canavel. The EFF launches a surprise counter attack against the ZMF fleet just outside neutral Side 6 (L4)
  • The EFF succeeds in miniaturizing beam weapons using ENCAP (energy capacitor) technology.
  • The Pegasus-class MS carrier SCV-70 White Base is completed.
  • Rollout of the first RX-78 Gundam. With the RX-78-1 completed, the RX-79 Plan gets rolling. and work on a pre-production type and various MS support weapons begins. They are distributed to the major bases on a trial basis.
  • The ZMF Submarine Battle Fleet is activated, with 10 Jukon-class combat submarines staged in the Atlantic, Indian and Arctic Oceans with a roving commission to disrupt commercial shipping and destroy any remaining Federal Navy military assets.
  • An EFF Reconnaissance in Force (RIF) fleet engages a ZMF Strategic Planning & Operations Group convoy A Baoa Qu perimeter defense space fortress near the Side 3 (L2). ZMF O-3 Gaia’s “Black Tri-Stars” commando team, equipped with the new MS-06R-1A High Mobility Zaku II, decimates the RIF, destroying a Magellan-class battleship and an entire FF-S3 Saberfish escort fighter formation.
0079.07.17 The ZMF “Afrika Korps” 1182nd Tactical MS Platoon ambushes an EFF Armored Corps en route to the Gaza Strip.
  • The EFF begins final testing of the RX-78-2 Gundam at Side 7 (L3).
  • Development of the RX-78 NT-1 Gundam G-4 “Alex” at the EFF Augusta base in Maine, the RX-78E Gundam GT-FOUR at Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory and the RX-79 EX PH-1 Gundam Zephyr Phantom in Side 7 (L3) begins.
  • EFF O-1 Christina MacKenzie is assigned to the G-4 Test Unit, headed by O-4 Stewart.
  • ZMF North American Occupation Force commander Garma Zabi and debutant Icelina Eschonbach, daughter of Los Angeles mayor Joseph Eschonbach, announce their betrothal.
  • The Battle of Midway. The remaining Federal Navy fleet fails to recapture its home port and the EFF Hawaii base.
0079.08.15 Foundation Day marking the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Zeon Principality observed throughout the Earth Sphere.
  • Side 3 (L2) Bunch 38 (Mahal) is evacuated for conversion to Solar Ray System.
  • The ZMF begins a sweep of the Atlantic Ocean to destroy what remains of the Federal Navy fleet.
  • The EFF Luna² Attached Patrol Fleet engages the ZMF Granada Space Defense Unit. The Salamis-class cruisers Schleihof and Botani are destroyed and the “Black Tri-Stars” ZMF commando team cripples the Magellan-class battleship Hormuz. EFF Luna² base commander O-9 Amundsen resigns and is succeeded by O-10 Hyatt.
0079.09.02 Mineva Lao Zabi (“Audrey Burne”) born in Side 3 (L2).
0079.09.15 The Pegasus-class MS carrier SCV-70 White Base launches from the EFF Jaburo GHQ to retrieve the RX-series MS components from Side 7 (L3) Bunch 1 (Green Oasis).
0079.09.16 The ZMF Mobile Marine Corps, commanded by O-5 Cima Garahau, conducts a punitive raid against Luna².
0079.09.17 White Base arrives in L3, midway between Luna² and Side 7.
0079.09.18 08:00—Three ZMF 1st Division Special Forces MS-06F Zaku II infiltrate Side 7 (L3) Bunch 1 (Green Oasis).

08:15White Base docks at Side 7 (L3) Bunch 1 (Green Oasis).

09:00—In the first-ever MS battle inside a space colony, the RX-78-2 Gundam piloted by civilian Amuro Ray destroys two MS-06F Zaku II.

16:00—The Musai-class mothership of the ZMF Special Forces team, commanded by O-4 Char Aznable, opens fire on Side 7 (L3) Bunch 1 (Green Oasis). Most of the White Base crew are killed and O-6 Paolo Cassius is mortally wounded.

16:50White Base escapes with the RX-series MS and over 100 civilian refugees and sets out to return to the EFF Jaburo GHQ.

0079.09.20 White Base docks at Luna² for repairs and supplies.
0079.09.22 White Base launches from Luna².
0079.09.23 13:40—Char Aznable’s Musai pursues the White Base toward Earth. The RX-78-2 Gundam makes the first-ever MS atmospheric re-entry during a pitched battle between the two ships. White Base is thrown off course and lands in North America.

b>14:10—The ZMF North American Occupation Force, commanded by O-6 Garma Zabi, engages White Base near Grand Canyon AZ. During the battle, Zeon reasearcher Dr. Chlust Morses defects to the Federation.

  • The EFF begins full production of RGM-79 GM and reforms the formerly seniority-based promotion system to allow more personnel to qualify as pilots. The ZMF counters by fielding a succession of new combat machines and prototypes.
  • The Flanagan Agency in Side 6 (L4) completes a prototype “psychic communicator” (psycommu) system.
  • The “Black Tri-Stars” ZMF commando team is equipped with the MS-09 Dom and transferred to the ZMF 7th Terrestrial Mobile Division, 1st MS Battalion, stationed at Odessa, Ukraine.
  • ZMF O-1 Ian Greydon is promoted to O-2 and given command of an MS-06K Zaku Cannon company.
  • The ZMF adopts the M79-Mark III as its general issue normal suit.
  • Operation Cactus. The second attempt to interdict the ZMF orbital supply route fails.
  • The 3rd Solomon Engagement. The EFF 23rd Battle Group launches a Reconnaissance in Force (RIF) against the Solomon space fortress defensive perimeter in Side 3 (L2).
  • White Base receives the first supply shipment dispatched by General Revil.
  • The ZMF Occupation Forces launch a new offensive in Asia.
  • Sovereign Degwin Sodo Zabi attends a war memorial service in Side 3 (L2) Bunch 9.
0079.10.03 The EXAM system is initialized on the RX-79BD GM Blue Destiny.
0079.10.04 The ZMF 136th Terrestrial Mobile Squadron, led by North American Occupation Force commander O-6 Garma Zabi, engages White Base over Seattle WA.
  • A ZMF Gaw airborne assault carrier rams White Base over Prince Rupert, British Columbia, damaging the RX-78-2 Gundam.
  • ZMF O-6 Garma Zabi killed in action.
  • The Zeon Principality conducts a state funeral for Garma Zabi. Gihren Zabi’s “Turn your grief to anger!” speech, ending with the first use of the phrase “Sieg Zeon!”, is broadcast throughout the Earth Sphere.
  • A Zanzibar-class mobile cruiser lands a Special Pursuit Force, led by O-2 Ramba Ral, in the North Pacific, where it advances to a nearby island and engages White Base.
  • EFF pilot O-1 Shirō Amada meets ZMF test pilot Aina Sahalin.
0079.10.07 White Base arrives at the San-in Beach National Park in SW Japan.
  • O-1 Shirō Amada assumes command of the Kojima Battalion 08th MS Platoon.
  • The ZMF Asia Command Post discovers an EFF base camp in Central Asia and begins planning a sneak attack.
  • White Base receives the second supply shipment from the EFF Medea transport plane commanded by O-2 Matilda Ajan.
  • Operation Desert Dragon. The ZMF “Wolf Gar” team infiltrates the EFF base camp in Central Asia and launches an attack from within as the ZMF Asia Command Post begins its raid. The EFF troops evacuate.
  • White Base crosses the Pacific and moves into Central Asia, where it again engages the Ramba Ral pursuit force, destroying two MS-06J Zaku II.
  • An EFF armada, led by General Revil, crosses Britain en route to Central Europe.
  • The ZMF completes the Mad Angler submarine and begins sea trials.
0079.10.11 The Revil armada passes the Strait of Dover. General Revil accelerates the force concentration in preparation for Operation Odessa.
  • Two EFF reconnaissance fleets begin moving south from Oslo, Norway.
  • White Base attacks the ZMF mining operation at Tarim Pendi in SW China.
  • The Zanzibar-class mobile cruiser Chimæra, carrying Mobile Assault Force commander O-8 Kycilia Zabi, descends to Earth to conduct a battlefield inspection.
  • The ZMF Primus fleet, commanded by O-4 Johnny Ridden, is assigned blockade duty. Ridden and wingmen Manson and Brooks, piloting MS-06-R2 High Mobility Zaku II, intercept the EFF fleet transporting RGM-79 GM to Luna² for field tests.
0079.10.20 The EFF forces begin concentrating at a field headquarters established near Warsaw, Poland.
  • The EFF Ohayō Squadron attempts to engage a convoy of three of Papua-class transports, but is intercepted and forced to retreat by the EMS-10 Zudah field test MS newly-assigned to the ZMF 603rd Technical Evaluation Unit.
  • A ZMF propaganda broadcast congratulates the EFF for finally developing MS and announces that the new, tehcnologically superior EMS-10 Zudah is undergoing field trials under the supervision of 12-year veteran Zimmad test pilot O-5 Jean Luc Duvall.
  • The 603TEU tests the combat landing sequence of the EMS-10 Zudah on the Jotunheim with test pilots O-5 Jean Luc Duvall and O-2 Hideto Washiya.
  • The Jotunheim sets course to Side 3 (L2) for resupply.
  • ZMF O-2 Oliver May reports the success of the EMS-10 Zudah field trials to Engineering HQ Commandant O-8 Albert Schacht.
0079.10.25 The EFF reviews its strategy and makes final preparations for Operation Odessa. To obscure its true objective, it dispatches reconnaissance units in all directions.
0079.10.26 The ZMF Ace Corps is established. Thirty of the best ZMF pilots, including O-4 Johnny Ridden, based aboard the Zanzibar-class mobile cruiser Chimæra, conduct test flights and training maneuvers with 24 YMS-14 Gelgoog pre-production MS.
0079.10.28 Upon being notified of the battle plan for Operation Odessa, EFF O-9 Elran sells it to the ZMF.
  • The ZMF launches the first Mad Angler submarine squadron, commanded by Char Aznable.
  • The ZMF Space Attack Force Primus fleet launches from Solomon (L5) to engage the EFF fleet around Luna² (L3).
  • White Base receives orders from General Revil to cross the Caspian Sea.
  • The EFF establishes a unit to collect battle data for use in the RGM-79 GM.
  • The ZMF Primus fleet launched against the EFF fleet at Luna² is destroyed.
  • The EFF occupies Tehran, Iran and destroys the ZMF Tien Shan GHQ.
  • The ZMF “Cyclops” commando team deals a decisive blow to an EFF command center on the Moon.
  • Gundam combat support parts, including the G-Armor and Core Booster upgrades, are deployed.
  • General Revil orders White Base to proceed without cover, drawing an attack from Central Asia.
  • The EFF receives additional reinforcements, mostly air combat forces.
  • During an inspection of the ZMF 102nd Mining Base by O-8 Kycilia Zabi, the RX-78-2 Gundam launches a surprise attack against the Tashkent, Uzbekistan mining zone. The MAX-03 Adzam is destroyed.
  • The Ramba Ral pursuit force overtakes White Base with a Sodon gunship.
  • White Base repels the ZMF Special Pursuit Force.
  • An EFF reconnaissance unit blocks ZMF construction of an advance base (“Thorn Garden”) in the Shoal Zone around the former Side 5 (L1).
  • ZMF O-3 Ramba Ral killed in action.
  • The ZMF “Black Tri-Stars” commando team arrives at Odessa and engages White Base.
  • EFF O-2 Matilda Ajan and ZMF O-2 Mash are killed in action.
0079.11.07 Operation Odessa. The EFF commits 30% of its Terrestrial forces to this action.

06:00—The EFF launches Operation Odessa. Each division begins action independently.

06:30White Base moves in from the opposite direction.

09:20—The remnants of the ZMF Special Pursuit Force, now led by Crowley Hamon, engages White Base. EFF O-2 Ryu Hosei and Crowley Hamon killed in action.

13:40—The main EFF force, led by General Revil, breaks through the ZMF defense network.

20:00—The Revil force encounters the anticipated ZMF counterattack. The ZMF Submarine Battle Fleet moves north to establish a blockade.

  • O-1 Amy Bauer-Meister is nicknamed “Eagle of Odessa” by EFF.
0079.11.08 03:35—The EFF 4th Division outflanks the ZMF perimeter from the north.

05:00—The EFF offensive begins to follow up the 4th Division incursion. The ZMF Occupation Force is thrown entirely on the defensive.

11:00—The EFF 3rd Division marches in from the Carpathian Mountains. moving east through Kishinëv [Chişanău], Bessarabia, Moldava.

17:00— ZMF Odessa commander O-6 M’quve escapes on the last HLV.

  • The EFF breaks through the last ZMF defensive line.
  • The RX-78-2 Gundam destroys the two remaining “Black Tri-Stars” MS-09 Dom.
  • A nuclear missile boobytrap set by M’quve is launched, but the RX-78-2 Gundam and G-Sky EZ destroy the warhead fuse prior to impact.
  • Operation Odessa ends. From Europe through Asia, the ZMF forces begins to break down.
  • The ZMF 603rd Technical Evaluation Unit commences field testing the EMS-10 Zudah, but halts testing after the pilot of Unit 3 is killed after disobeying orders against exceeding speed safety limits, loses control and blows up. O-2 Oliver May discovers that this is the same malfunction that occured with the EMS-04 Zudah test in UC 0075.
  • EFSF London “Billy” broadcasts a propaganda announcement that the EMS-10 Zudah is just a renumbering of the EMS-04 Zudah and confirms the EFF victory at Odessa.
  • ZMF HQ sends transmissions to all ships near Earth to terminate current activities and gather near Earth orbit. The Jotunheim immediately responds to rescue ZMF survivors from Odessa.
  • ZMF O-6 Martin Prochnow prohibits the use of the EMS-10 Zudah due to the malfunction.
  • ZMF O-5 Jean Luc Duvall claims that Zeonic sabotaged the Zudah to disqualify Zimmad and win the contract.
  • Jotunheim recieves distress calls from ZMF refugees who escaped Odessa and are stranded in Earth orbit.
  • Horizontal Take-Off & Landing (HOTOL) 79 loses control and crashes into two HLV, causing a chain reaction of collisions, explosions and casualties.
  • Jotunheim sends out relief launches upon reaching the orbital trajectory.
  • An EFF RB-79 Ball Squadron attacks the orbiting HLV and other craft. An MS-06JC Zaku II MS Team attempts to engage them, but are Ground-Use MS and cannot maneuver properly in space. Special Operations O-4 Monique Cadillac orders the resumption of testing on the EMS-10 Zudah to engage the RB-79 Ball Squadron.
  • Just as the RB-79 Ball Squadron is destroyed, two RGM-79 GM Squadrons attack. Jotunheim takes a direct hit as the EMS-10 Zudah MS Team then engages. O-5 Jean Luc Duvall leads the enemy away at speeds past the safety limit, resulting in his death as all of the GM and Zudah engines fail or explode.
  • ZMF O-5 Jean Luc Duvall, O-3 Gaia and O-2 Ortega are killed in action.
  • The EFF holds a naval review, but the fact that it now has MS remains classified.
  • The Zeon Principality announces that the ZMF is abandoning Odessa.
  • The EFF forces at Odessa stand down, but remain on alert.
  • ZMF Engineering HQ orders the cessation of testing on the EMS-10 Zudah. All of the surviving MS are assigned to the Jotunheim as part of the shipboard defenses.
  • Alicia Stockwell and J.T. Allheim test the Tactical Mobile Manipulator (TMM) in conjunction with the RX-78 EX PH-1 Gundam Zephyr Phantom at Side 7 (L3).
  • ZMF O-2 Oliver May files his performance report on the EMS-10 Zudah.
0079.11.14 The EFF receives the RX-78-3 Gundam and its magnetic coating technology.
0079.11.17 Ghiren Zabi decrees that supplying the ZMF space fleet has top priority.
  • ZMF O-6 Char Aznable spots White Base docked at the EFF base in Belfast, North Ireland.
  • Anaheim Electronics announces its new MS linear seat system.
  • The EFF launches Operation Velvet, an offensive into the Lepanto district of North Africa.
  • The ZMF 26th Amphibious Assault Team deploys in the Belfast suburbs to blockade White Base while the MAM-07 Grabro engages the RX-78-2 Gundam.
  • ZMF O-3 Flanagan Boone killed in action.
  • The ZMF begins consolidating all ongoing MS development projects.
  • Construction of the Pezun space fortress begins near Side 2 (L4).
  • The ZMF Mad Angler submarine squadron launches a missile barrage against the EFF Belfast base.
  • White Base sets out for the EFF GHQ in Jaburo at midnight.
  • The EFF rushes development of the RX-79 EX PH-1 Gundam Zephyr Phantom robotic MS prototype.
  • Miharu Ratokie (“Agent 107”) killed in action.
0079.11.22 The ZMF Mad Angler submarine squadron begins tailing White Base.
0079.11.23 The EFF begins recapturing Australia. The “White Dingo” team launches Operation Rainbow Valley from the EFF Perth, Western Australia base.
0079.11.24 The ZMF Mad Angler submarine squadron UDT infiltrates the EFF Jaburo GHQ to sabotage the RGM-79 GM production facility.
0079.11.25 The EFF “White Dingo” team recaptures Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.
0079.11.27 The ZMF Mad Angler submarine squadron discovers the EFF Jaburo GHQ’ camouflaged spaceport. ZMF O-6 Char Aznable decides to launch a frontal assault against it.
  • The ZMF Mad Angler submarine squadron retreats into the Amazon River.
  • The EFF advances its preparations to recapture the California base from the ZMF.
  • Operation Velvet ends successfully.
0079.11.29 The ZMF launches a night attack against the RX-79BD GM Blue Destiny battle data collection unit as it ranges too far from base. EFF O-1 Yū Kajima repels the attackers.
0079.11.30 03:20—The ZMF launches a drop operation against the EFF Jaburo GHQ. The vanguard is an MSM-03 Gogg amphibious MS team from the Mad Angler submarine squadron in the Amazon River.

05:40—The EFF detects the advance assault on the concealed hatch of the MS hangar and sounds a Red Alert.

06:30—ZMF reinforcements from the California base arrive. A fleet of 18 Gaw airborne assault carriers target the camouflaged spaceport. The Mad Angler submarine squadron withdraws to a standby position.

07:20—Battle begins in the skies over Jaburo. The ZMF air forces begin dropping MS units. The EFF scrambles its air interceptor force.

07:30—The ZMF ground forces deploy into 2- and 3-unit MS platoons and begin searching for the hidden Jaburo entrances.

07:40—ZMF O-6 Char Aznable, piloting an MSM-07S Z’Gok, coordinates his Gogg vanguard team with a clandestine MSM-08 Zogock UDT unit.

07:50—ZMF O-6 Char Aznable engages the RX-78-2 Gundam. The attempted destruction of the MS factory fails. EFF O-3 Woody Malden killed in action.

08:20—The EFF defenders destroy 50% of the ZMF ground forces.

08:30—The surviving ZMF ground and air forces begin to retreat.

09:00—The ZMF attackers are in full retreat. EFF forces pursue them.

  • The ZMF rolls out the MS-19N Katarl stealth MS prototype.
  • ZMF O-3 Gerald Sakai and O-2 Thomas Kurtz are transferred to the Ace Corps in Granada.
0079.12.01 The EFF “White Dingo” team launches a mission to capture Simpson’s Gap, at the junction of the Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia.
0079.12.02 The EFF 2nd Combined Space Fleet launches from the Jaburo GHQ.

19:00—The EFF launches four decoy ships, including the 13th Autonomous Squadron aboard White Base, each in different direction.

21:00—The main body of the 2nd Combined Space Fleet launches from Jaburo.

  • The EFF 17th Armored Marine Division lands at Takaran, Borneo (Malaysia).
  • White Base encounters and destroys the ZMF Camel fleet, then continues on its way, docking at Baldur Bay colony in Side 6 (L4).
  • Char Aznable’s Zanzibar rendezvous with the Conscon fleet near Side 6.
  • ZMF O-3 Dren killed in action.
  • The EFF launches a sweep of Africa and North America. The ZMF Occupation Force in North America retreats, abandoning bases and escaping into space.
  • ZMF ace MS pilot Ian Greydon destroys 34 fighters, 71 MBT and 2 MS before escaping to Zeon from the occupied EFF Canaveral base.
  • The EFF launches Operation Tycoon, an offensive into Asia.
  • Just before dawn, White Base engages the Conscon fleet near Side 6 (L4), destroying the ZMF Musai-class light cruiser Kwamel and an entire squadron of MS-09R Rick Dom. In a subsequent engagement, it annihilates the remainder of the Conscon fleet.
  • The EFF fleet begins staging at Luna² for another assault on the ZMF Solomon space fortress in L5.
  • ZMF O-6 Conscon is killed in action.
0079.12.06 The ZMF “Cyclops” commando team lands at Novaya Zemlya Island, north of Siberia, Russia.
  • The last remnants of the ZMF African forces withdraw.
  • EFF Space Attack Force ace O-1 Heinz Bain leads a Reconnaissance in Force (RIF) from Luna² (L3) against the ZMF Solomon space frotress (L2).
0079.12.08 The ZMF “Cyclops” commando team launches from Novaya Zemlya aboard a Jukon-class submarine.
  • The ZMF “Cyclops” commando team attacks the EFF Arctic base on Augustus Island, Nunavut, Canada transshipping the RX-78 NT-1 Gundam G-4.
  • ZMF E-5 Andy Strauss killed in action.
0079.12.12 The EFF shuttle containing RX-78 NT-1 docks at Side 6 (L4) Bunch 35 (Libot), recorded by Al Izuruha.
0079.12.13 ZMF E-5 Bernard Wiseman shot down during an attack on EFF forces in Side 6 (L4) Bunch 35 (Libot), obtains Al’s video before abandoning his downed MS-06FZ Zaku II.
0079.12.14 ZMF E-5 Bernard Wiseman is assigned to the “Cyclops” team to replace E-5 Andy Strauss for Operation Rubicon, infiltrates Side 6 (L4) Bunch 35 (Libot) as Aqua Verde transport pilot Walter Peterson.
0079.12.15 The 11the Autonomous Mobile Squadron takes the EFF California base back from the ZMF. Al Izuruha discovers “Cyclops” team.
  • ZMF expelled from Side 6 (L4) for violation of neutrality.
  • “Cyclops” team prepares weapons caches, assembles MS-18E Kämpfer.
  • Bernard Wiseman and Al Izuruha discover hidden EFF Gundam G-4 facility.
  • Operation Rubicon. “Cyclops” team attacks EFF facility.
  • ZMF O-3 Steiner Hardy, O-1 Mikhail “Mischa” Kaminsky and E-6 Gabriel Ramirez Garcia killed in action.
  • White Base docks at Texas colony in Side 5 (L1).
  • ZMF O-5 Killing commits mutiny, shoots Granada commandant O-6 Von Helsing and orders a nuclear strike against Side 6 (L4) Bunch 35 (Libot).
0079.12.22 Bernard Wiseman and Al Izuruha begin restoration of downed MS-06FZ Zaku II.
0079.12.23 Bernard Wiseman and Al Izuruha collect the remaining “Cyclops” team weapon caches.
  • The Battle of Solomon. The ZMF is defeated, Solomon is captured.
  • ZMF O-3 Anavel Gato is nicknamed “Nightmare of Solomon” by the Space Attack Force.
  • Bernard Wiseman restores his MS-06FZ Zaku II to full operation.
  • ZMF Space Attack Force commander Dozle Zabi is killed in action.
0079.12.25 The EFF begin Operation Star One. Zeon ship carrying banned nuclear missile is intercepted and destroyed near Side 6 (L4) Bunch 35 (Libot). Bernard Wiseman killed in action. Christina MacKenzie wounded. Al Izuruha in shock.
0079.12.26 The EFF “White Dingo” team defends the EFF Torrington base in New South Wales, Australia.
0079.12.30 The ZMF launches Operation Solar Ray. Sovereign Degwin Sodo Zabi is killed and the EFF Revil fleet is destroyed.
0079.12.31 The Battle of A Baoa Qu. Kycilia Zabi executes Gihren Zabi for patricide and assumes command of A Baoa Qu, only to assassinated by O-6 Char Aznable. O-4 Johnny Ridden missing in action, presumed dead and promoted posthumously to O-5. O-2 Thomas Kurtz killed in action. Aguille Delaz and his followers withdraw from the battle.
  • Massive salvage and reconstruction operations begin throughout the space colonies. Tolro Company TOLRO-800 Type Torohachi Petite Mobile Suit introduced.
  • Hayato Kobayashi and Fraw Bow marry and adopt “Gang of Three” (Kikka, Letz and Katz).
  • Bright Noa marries Mirai Yashima.
  • The Flanagan Agency is reorganized into the Newtype Research Institute.
  • Anton Flanagan and [Chōjo] Karn die.
  • Hathaway Noa and Qum born.
  • Olympiad LXVII.
0080.01.01 The Zeon Principality sues for peace. O-9 Aiguille Delaz rallies remnants of the ZMF who refused to go to Axis and reorganizes his forces.
0080.01.02 The “White Dingo” team attacks the Zeon HLV launch site at Hughenden, Queensland, Australia.
0080.01.14 The One Year War ends. The Earth Federation and the Zeon Republic, headed by Darcia Bakharov, conclude a peace accord on the Moon. After preliminary negotiations at Amman, the formal signing takes place at Granada. Al Izuruha recovers. RX-78 NT-1 test pilot Christina MacKenzie reassigned back to Earth.
0080.03 Aiguille Delaz moves his forces to the unfinished Thorn Garden base in the L1 Shoal Zone. External activities are temporarily halted.
0080.06 Former ZMF forces on the African Front disarm. (According to an announcement by the EFF. In reality, a number of units remain concealed or continue waging guerilla warfare.)
0081 Shinta, Quess Paraya and Albert Elzener born.
0081.03.14 The Buch Konzern establishes a vocational training school in order to return some of its profits to the community.
0081.03.28 Remnants of the ZMF arrive at the asteroid base Axis.
0081.05.05 Dozle Zabi’s widow Zenna dies of an illness at Axis. Maharajah Karn assumes command as Regent for Mineva Lao Zabi.
0081.08.15 The Delaz Fleet begins guerilla activity on what would’ve been the 12th Zeon Foundation Day.
0081.09.17 Anavel Gato returns to the Delaz Fleet and is promoted to O-4. The Delaz Fleet increases its contact with Anaheim Electronics.
0081.10.03 The Federation Assembly approves the EFF Reconstruction Plan.
0081.10.20 As part of the EFF Reconstruction Plan, the Gundam Development Project starts at Anaheim Electronics under the supervision of O-9 John Cowen.
0081.11 The Delaz Fleet and the Axis confirm their alliance.
0082 Alvenica Kiest enters in junior technical school. Cheimin Noa born.
0082.04 The EFF secretly establishes Murasame Psychic Institute and Augusta Newtype Laboratory.
0082.05 The first Colony Reclamation Project is started. Transfer of repairable colonies from Side 4 (L5) to Side 3 (L2) begins.
0082.12 The Delaz Fleet begins MS development in its factory plants at the Thorn Garden.
0083 Theo Fairchild, Oi Nyung and Leonid Almodovar born.
0083.01 The Delaz Fleet deduces the details of the Gundam Development Project.
0083.03 Concerned that the Federation’s power is stabilizing, Aiguille Delaz plans a major resistance operation. He strengthens relations with anti-Federation forces.
0083.05 The Delaz Fleet starts production of the MS-21C.
0083.07.30 The plans for Operation Stardust are drafted.
0083.08.09 Axis leader Maharaja Karn dies. Haman Karn assumes the Regency.
0083.08.11 16-year-old Haman Karn is inaugurated as Mineva Zabi’s regent. Approving of the Delaz Fleet’s principles, she pledges her support.
0083.09 The Axis succeeds in developing the new alloy Gundarium Gamma. Due to the objections of Anavel Gato, plans for the Cima squadron to join the Delaz Fleet are dropped.
0083.09.18 Rollout of the RX-78GP02A at Anaheim Electronics’ Von Braun factory.
0083.09.29 Rollout of the RX-78GP01 and Fb (Full Vernian) conversion parts at Anaheim Electronics’ Von Braun factory.
0083.10.04 Rollout of the RX-78GP03 at Anaheim Electronics’ Von Braun factory.
0083.10.07 The Pegasus II-class carrier MSC-07 Albion collects the GP01 and GP02A at Anaheim Electronics’ Von Braun factory, then departs for the EFF Torrington base in Australia for tests under gravity.
0083.10.09 Anavel Gato lands in Africa and joins with terrestrial remnants of the ZMF.
0083.10.13 15:00—The Albion arrives at the Torrington base. Operation Stardust is launched, and Anavel Gato makes his move.

~21:00—The GP02A, with a Mk.82 nuclear warhead, is captured.

21:46—The surviving EFF MS begin pursuit of the GP02A.

  • Raban Karcs, Rob Marnery and O-1 Gaily killed in action.
0083.10.14 Pre-dawn—Anavel Gato attempts to escape in a Komusai carrying the GP02A, but is stopped by the GP01.Early morning—The Burning team fights at the coastline. The Jukon-class submarine U-801 recovers the GP02A and escapes in the direction of Africa.

10:51—Jaburo’s O-9 Cowen orders Albion captain O-6 Eiphar Synapse to recover the GP02A. The Albion departs for Africa.

0083.10.16 The Albion arrives in Africa and begins its search for the Zeon base.
0083.10.23 09:14—Anavel Gato and the GP02A arrive at the ZMF remnants’ Kimberlite base.

~12:00—Anaheim Electronics technician Nick Orville is revealed as a spy. He escapes the Albion in a Core Fighter.

13:15—ZMF O-8 Neuen Bitter, commander of the Kimberlite base, begins a diversionary operation.

14:01—Anavel Gato and the GP02A escape to orbit in a DC-14 HLV (Heavy-lift Launch Vehicle).

14:27—The Kimberlite base surrenders.

14:30—The Peer Gynt, flagship of a Delaz Fleet Musai squadron, recovers the HLV. After battling a Salamis unit of the EFF 1st Earth Orbital Fleet, its whereabouts are unknown.

  • Neuen Bitter and Nick Orville killed in action.
0083.10.25 The Cima squadron joins the Delaz Fleet.
0083.10.28 Trials of the GP03 begin at Anaheim Electronics’ large dock ship La Vie en Rose.
0083.10.31 09:23—While traveling a secret route through the Shoal Zone, the Peer Gynt has a near miss with the Cima squadron’s Lili Marlene.

10:37—The Peer Gynt returns to the Shoal Zone’s Thorn Garden.

10:51—The Albion is joined by two Salamis-class cruisers and begins searching the Shoal Zone.

12:19—The Lili Marlene ambushes the Albion squadron in the Shoal Zone. The GP01, outfitted for gravity, is severely damaged.

12:30—The Delaz declaration. The Delaz Fleet’s declaration of war is broadcast throughout the Earth Sphere.

0083.11.01 The second Colony Reclamation Project is started. Transfer of repairable colonies from Side 1 (L5) to Side 3 (L2) begins.
0083.11.02 16:00—The Albion arrives at the lunar city of Von Braun. The GP01 is transferred to Anaheim Electronics’ factory for repair and conversion to the Fb type.
0083.11.03 08:09—A camouflaged Delaz Fleet ferry ship enters Von Braun’s resource intake port.
0083.11.04 10:06—Trials of the GP01-Fb begin at Anaheim Electronics’ Livermore test site.

20:55—The Albion makes an emergency launch in response to the attack of the MA-06 Val Varo.

21:18—The GP01-Fb destroys the Val Varo.

21:40—Leaving the Moon, the Albion sets course for the Solomon Sea near Side 1 (L5).

  • Former ZMF O-3 Kelly Layzner and ZMF O-3 Kult killed in action.
0083.11.05 07:00—The Gato squadron departs the Thorn Garden, setting course for the Solomon Sea operation area.The Albion encounters a small Delaz Fleet force and an artillery battle develops.
0083.11.06 Lunga Sea artillery battle. EFF Gunnery Officer O-2 Aristide Hughes destroys a damaged Delaz Fleet Tivvay-class heavy cruiser attempting to ram the Albion.
0083.11.07 The Gato squadron arrives at the Solomon Sea operation area and stands by.
0083.11.08 14:52—The EFF battleship Birmingham battles the Cima squadron. The Burning team is dispatched as reinforcements.

15:16—The Cima squadron moves to its designated operation area.

15:27—EFF O-3 South Burning killed in action. Alpha A. Bate receives a field promotion to O-3, and Kou Uraki to O-2.

0083.11.10 00:00—A squadron led by the Delaz Fleet flagship Gwaden leaves the Thorn Garden.

02:23—The Axis Advance Fleet returns to the Earth Sphere.

13:00—Four years after being suspended due to the One Year War, an EFF naval review is performed.

14:31—Anavel Gato attacks the naval review, using the GP02A’s Mk.82 nuclear warhead. Two-thirds of the participating vessels are immobilized or worse, and heavy casualties are received. EFF O-10 Green Wyatt killed in action.

15:05—The GP01-Fb battles the GP02A. Both are destroyed.

16:27—The Cima squadron executes two colonyjacks.

16:50—The Albion changes course to La Vie en Rose.

21:08—The EFF patrol craft Strawberry 9 discovers the Cima squadron’s colonyjack.

21:11—The Cima squadron blasts a mirror off each of the two colonies, Island Blade and Island Ease.

21:26—The two colonies collide, and Island Ease begins falling toward the Moon. (949 minutes remain until the colony falls on the lunar surface.)

21:35—The EFF remaining naval vessels hurriedly set out from Kompei Island in pursuit of the Cima squadron and the Island Ease colony.

0083.11.11 04:14—The main body of the Delaz Fleet joins the Cima squadron, forming an escort for the Island Ease colony .

05:35—Joining forces with the Axis Advance Fleet, the Gato squadron receive the Axis-made mobile armor AMA-X2 Neue Ziel.

05:57—The Albion docks at La Vie en Rose.

08:51—The vanguard of the Federation fleet battles the Neue Ziel, which destroys a dozen Salamis-class ships and 45 RGM-79 GM, earning it the nickname “White Lucifer.”

09:25—The Gato squadron and Axis Advance Fleet join the main body of the Delaz Fleet.

10:40—Using an orbital transportation laser (also known as an ignition laser), the Delaz Fleet ignites the colony’s propellant. The Island Ease colony’s trajectory is changed to an Earth-bound orbit. (2274 minutes remain until Earth-fall.) The Federation pursuit fleet, having exhausted its fuel supply, is unable to escape lunar orbit.

12:12—Lucette Audevie is killed.

15:18—The Albion launches accompanied by the GP03.

0083.11.12 10:06—The GP03 engages the Delaz Fleet in battle. (868 minutes remain until the colony falls, 568 until the critical intercept point.)

10:50—The GP03 and Neue Ziel begin combat.

13:51—In lunar orbit, the Federation pursuit fleet completes resupply and resumes pursuit of the Delaz Fleet.

17:15—Cima Garahau takes over the bridge of the Gwaden.

19:34—The Island Ease colony passes the critical intercept point. (300 minutes remain until Earthfall.)

20:15—ZMF O-9 Aguille Delaz is killed in action.

21:47—The Solar System II is activated. (166 minutes and 47 seconds remain until Earth-fall.)

22:41—ZMF O-5 Cima Garahau is killed in action.

23:11—Anavel Gato completes the final orbital corrections. (82 minutes and 54 seconds remain until Earth-fall.)

0083.11.13 00:00—The Solar System II is activated a second time.

00:13—The Island Ease colony passes through the sky over Jaburo in South America (local time is 20:13 on 0083.11.12).

00:34—The Island Ease colony falls near the border of Kansas and Nebraska on the North American continent.

01:15—The Axis Advance Fleet withdraws.

01:19—ZMF O-4 Anavel Gato is killed in action.

0083.11.23 Some courts-martial connected with the Delaz conflict are tried. O-6 Eiphar Synapse is sentenced to death and O-2 Kou Uraki to two years imprisonment.
0083.12.04 The Titans are formed at the urging of Commodore Jamitov Hymem, and the hunt for former ZMF forces is intensified. Director Gilbert O’Sullivan of Anaheim Electronics’ Von Braun branch office found dead, an apparent suicide.
  • Darry Neil Guns receives MS operator license.
  • Olympiad LXVIII.
0084.03.10 The truth about the colony drop and the details of the Gundam Development Project are erased from official records. The charges against O-1 Kou Uraki are nullified and he is reassigned to the EFF Oakley base in Logan County KS, near the site of the colony drop.
0084.06.17 After the reorganization of each Side, the Federation Assembly declares that the status quo of the Earth Sphere will be maintained.
0084.07.08 The Buch Konzern purchases the spherical colony Round Island near Side 1 (L5) from the Colony Management Corporation.
0084.09.21 Char Aznable returns to the Earth Sphere as Quattro Vézina and illegally obtains the EFF military register.
0084.12.06 Eliard Hunter is informed of his posting to the Titans.
0084.12.16 EFSF O-2 Eliard Hunter and O-2 Carl Matsubara, newly transferred to the Titans, are assigned to O-3 Wes Murphy’s Black Otter Platoon, the Titans Test Team (T3), based aboard the Alexandria-class space cruiser Aswan. Murphy pilots the RX-121 Gundam TR-1 Hazel, Hunter the RGM-79CR GM Kai High Mobility Type and Matsubara the RGM-79SR GM Sniper III. Because team leader Wes Murphy is fond of rabbits, all the TR-series MS assigned to the T3 Corps are named for heroic characters in the 1972 fantasy novel Watership Down by Richard Adams.
0084.12.17 The Titans Test Team engages in combat as a unit for the first time. The T3 Corps rescues a supply ship from a Zeon remnant force using MS-09RII Rick Dom MS. Two RGM-79C GM Kai MS of the supply ship escort team are destroyed and the third is captured and used against T3 before being destroyed.
  • Side 4 is merged with Side 1 at L5, Side 6 is merged with Side 2 at L4, Side 5 (L1) is redesignated Side 4, and Side 7 is merged with Luna². As a result, Side 1 (Zarn Province) is in L5, Side 2 (Hatte Province) in L4, Side 3 (Zeon Republic) in L2, Side 4 (Shoal Zone) in L1, and Side 7 (L3) Bunch 1 (Green Oasis) is an adjunct of Luna² in L3.
  • Darry Neil Guns joins Monotone Corporation in Side 2 (L4).
  • Solar Cycle 38 at solar maximum.
0085.05 The T3 ship Aswan docks at the Side 1 (L5) Bunch 25 colony to investigate reports of Zeon remnant force activity. While O-3 Murphy is testing the RX-121 Gundam TR-1 Hazel Full Armor Mode inside the colony, he is attacked by four Zeon remnant MS led by former ZMF O-6 Gabriel Zola: two MS-14F Gelgoog, a MS-09RII Rick Dom and a MS-06F Zaku II. He destroys a Gelgoog, but the other three MS escape.
0085.07 Bask Om gives permission for the T3 Black Otter Platoon to continue RX-121 Gundam TR-1 Hazel High Mobility Form testing. T3 receives the YRMS-106 Hizack Pre-Production Type aboard Aswan. O-3 Murphy pilots the new YRMS-106 Hizack, with T3 Chief of Test Operations O-2 Audrey April taking over as pilot for the RX-121. The RGM-79SR GM Sniper III is damaged during renewed combat with Zeon remnant forces.
0085.07.31 The Bunch 30 Incident. The Titans pump GGG (3G) nerve gas into Side 1 (L5) Bunch 30, massacring its inhabitants. Alvenica Kiest’s mother is killed in the attack. In response, anti-government movements intensify. The Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG) is organized.
0085.09.08 Side 7 (L3) Bunch 2 (Gryps) is built as an adjunct of Luna² in L3.
0086.02.06 The asteroid Axis begins its journey to the Earth Sphere.
0087 Gigi Andalusia and Nadia Ronah born.
0087.01.10 The Alaska Incident. Details unknown, but Kalaba founded as a result.
0087.03.02 The Gryps Conflict begins when the AEUG steals three prototype RX-178 Gundam Mk.II MS from Side 7 (L3) Bunch 2 (Gryps).
0087.03.16 The AEUG attacks a solar power station satellite (SPSS).
0087.03.18 The Argama enters the moribund Side 1 (L5) Bunch 30.
0087.03.25 The Argama enters Amman City.
0087.04.29 Jupitris, last of the Jupiter energy transport ships, returns to the Earth Sphere. The Federation announces a reduction in scope of the planetary development project.
0087.05.03 The Argama encounters the Temptation. Bright Noa joins the AEUG.
0087.05.11 The AEUG attacks the EFF Jaburo base. The base is destroyed by a nuclear time bomb. The AUEG joins forces with the Kalaba.
0087.05.22 The AEUG’s MS force and the Kalaba’s Audhumla reach the Kennedy base.
0087.06.08 The Titans relocate Side 7 (L3) Bunch 2 (Gryps) to the Luna² area. The Zeon Republic donates the asteroid fortress A Baoa Qu to the Titans, who rename it the Gate of Zedan.
0087.06.21 Jupitris captain Paptimus Scirocco pledges allegiance to Titans commander-in-chief Jamitov Hymem in a blood-signed document.
0087.06.29 The Titans attack Hong Kong City.
0087.07.08 The Audhumla departs Hong Kong City.
0087.08.10 The Titans launch Operation Apollo, attacking Von Braun City.
0087.08.16 The Federation Assembly passes legislation that greatly expands Titans authority.
0087.08.17 AEUG leader Commodore Blex Forer is assassinated.
0087.08.24 The Titans unsuccessfully attempt to drop a colony on Granada.
0087.09.21 The Titans unsuccessfully attack Side 2 (L4) Bunch 25 with 3G nerve gas.
0087.10.05 The Titans bomb the Von Braun City spaceport.
0087.10.12 The asteroid Axis arrives in the Earth Sphere.
0087.10.14 The AEUG sends a delegation to Axis, but the negotiations break down.
0087.10.15 The Titans and Axis form an alliance.
0087.10.19 The Argama docks at La Vie en Rose for repair and re-supply.
0087.11.02 An AEUG and Kalaba joint force attacks the EFF Kilimanjaro base.
0087.11.03 The EFF Kilimanjaro base collapses along with the mountain peak.
0087.11.16 The AEUG occupies the Federation Assembly in Dakar. Quattro Vézina reveals his true identity as both Char Aznable and Casval Rem Deikun as he denounces the Titans before the whole world.
0087.11.24 The Argama stops at Side 2 (L4) Bunch 13 (Morgarten) for resupply.
0087.11.30 The Argama reconnoiters the Gate of Zedan asteroid base (formerly known as A Baoa Qu).
0087.12.07 The Titans destroy Side 2 (L4) Bunch 18 with the Side 7 (L3) Bunch 2 (Gryps) Colony Laser.
0087.12.14 The Titans attack Side 2 (L4) Bunch 21 with 3G nerve gas, killing all 8 million inhabitants.
  • In the “Monotone Mouse” mode, Darry Neil Guns forms a team with Maraschino “Cherry” Roses, Greyfield, et al.
  • Gilais Krueger, Buzz Garemson, Esther Chavarri and Phonse Kagachi born.
  • Olympiad LXIX.
0088.01.18 Axis destroys the Gate of Zedan (formerly known as A Baoa Qu) by ramming it with the Axis asteroid and captures Side 7 (L3) Bunch 2 (Gryps). The Axis asteroid rebounds into a collision course with Granada.
0088.01.25 The Axis-Titans alliance breaks down. Jamitov Hymem is killed and Scirocco takes command of the Titans.
0088.01.29 At the asteroid base Pezun near Side 2 (L4), junior officers in the Titans Mobile Suit Instructor Corps rebel, declaring themselves the New Decides.
0088.02.02 The AEUG launches Operation Mælstrom and captures Side 7 (L3) Bunch 2 (Gryps) through fleet combat. The AEUG then uses the Colony Laser to deflect Axis away from Granada. Katz Kobayashi killed in action.
0088.02.15 The EFF dispatches the 127th Combat Unit from Side 2 (L4) to investigate the situation at Pezun. All six EFF RGM-86R Novel GM III are destroyed in less than five minutes by two New Decides RMS-141 Xeku Eins.
0088.02.20 The AEUG, Axis and Titans meet in a three-way fleet battle.
0088.02.21 The AEUG enters the Axis-Titans combat zone. The Radish is destroyed.
0088.02.22 The Titans are annihilated by the Colony Laser, which is subsequently destroyed. The AEUG loses the majority of its forces, and Char Aznable is missing in action. Henken Bekkener, Jerid Messa, Reccoa Londe, Emma Sheen and Paptimus Scirocco killed in action. Kamille Bidan catatonic.
0088.02.23 The EFF forms Taskforce Alpha as the vanguard of a New Decides punitive force.
0088.02.25 Taskforce Alpha and the Pegasus III launch from the EFF Baikonur base.
0088.02.29 Axis proclaims the revival of Zeon and adopts the name Neo Zeon. Neo Zeon dispatches forces to take control of each Side. Taskforce Alpha arrives at Pezun and engages the New Decides.
0088.03.01 The Argama docks as Side 1 (L5) Bunch 1 (Shangri-La) for repair and re-supply. Taskforce Alpha defeats the New Decides SOL7804 Team.
0088.03.03 The Neo Zeon advance fleet ship Endra enters Side 1 (L5) Bunch 1 (Shangri-La). The Argama is hidden within the colony.
0088.03.04 The Earth Orbital Fleet departs EFF low Earth orbital (LEO) relay station Penta.
0088.03.06 The Eno Fleet Mutiny. The Eno fleet, sent to suppress the Pezun rebellion, instead defects from the EFF to join it. The Earth Orbital Fleet arrives at Pezun with only eight battleships.
0088.03.07 The Battle of Pezun. The New Decides detonates the nuclear self-destruct on Pezun to keep its new mobile suit developments and production facilities out of the hands of the AEUG or EFF.
0088.03.09 Piloting a new type of Core Fighter, Roux Louka makes contact with the Argama.
0088.03.10 Taskforce Alpha pursues the New Decides fleet as it escapes from Pezun.
0088.03.11 The Argama escapes from Side 1 (L5) Bunch 1 (Shangri-La).
0088.03.12 The Endra MS force makes a surprise attack on the Argama. The Argama heads for La Vie en Rose. The New Decides fleet lands at Ayers City on the far side of the Moon.
0088.03.13 The Eno fleet unites with the New Decides at Ayers City. Using a logistic bomb and the ORX-013 Gundam Mk.V supplied by Eno, Brave Cod forces Taskforce Alpha to retreat. The Earth Orbital Fleet arrives in Lunar orbit to reinforce Taskforce Alpha.
0088.03.14 Taskforce Alpha regroups with four ships from the Earth Orbital Fleet. The remaining four ships form Taskforce Beta.
0088.03.15 Chyara Soon boards the Endra. The Argama receives the Core Base.
0088.03.16 The MSZ-006 Z Gundam loses its head. The Core Top arrives from La Vie en Rose and the MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam becomes operational.
0088.03.17 Operation Eagle Fall. Taskforces Alpha and Beta descend on Ayers City.
0083.03.19 The Endra attacks La Vie en Rose. The Argama makes contact with La Vie en Rose.
0088.03.24 The Taskforce Alpha FAZZ team is annihilated in the battle over Ayers City. Outmatched by the EFF, the New Decides occupy a nearby mass driver base. Brian Eno, Sigman Shade and Chung Yung killed in action.
0088.03.25 The Argama enters the Moon Moon colony.
0088.03.26 The Endra is destroyed. Mashima Ciro is taken prisoner aboard the Argama, which then departs Moon Moon.
0088.03.28 The Argama returns to La Vie en Rose. The Endra crew is transferred to the Mindora. Ayers City mayor Kaiser Pinefield surrenders to the EFF. Twenty-eight New Decides officers escape to an orbital mass catcher, from whence Neo Zeon’s Twanning fleet rescues them. New Decides leader Brave Cod killed in action.
0088.04.02 The Pegasus III begins a lone pursuit of the escaping New Decides.
0088.04.01 The AEUG launch captured by the Mindora is used to transport a camouflaged AMX-107 Bawoo.
0088.04.02 The Pegasus III is intercepted and fired upon by the Twanning fleet. Under the leadership of Tosh Cray, the New Decides uses the AMA-100 Zodiac supplied by Twanning to capture the Penta LEO relay station.
0088.04.03 Taskforce Alpha successfully evades the Twanning fleet and passes through the Shoal Zone in L1.
0088.04.04 The AMA-100 Zodiac descends from Penta to bomb the EFF Dakar base and take the Federation Assembly hostage. Taskforce Alpha intercepts them just above the atmosphere. The New Decides is annihilated. Tosh Cray, Josh Offshore, Fast Side and ALICE killed in action.
0088.04.05 Taskforce Alpha completes its mission, ending the Gryps Conflict.
0088.04.12 The Argama departs La Vie en Rose. A test firing of its newly installed hyper megaparticle cannon is performed on a derelict colony.
0088.04.29 Jude Ashita infiltrates Axis and returns accompanied by Beecher Oleg and Mondo Akage.
0088.05.08 Jude enters Axis again and surrenders himself and the MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam to the Sandora. The ZZ Gundam and AMX-004-2 Qubeley Mk.II duel in the Axis town square.
0088.05.19 The Argama fires on Axis with the new cannon, without success.
0088.06.06 Neo Zeon advance forces land on Earth.
0088.07.08 The Argama lands at Granada for repair and re-supply.
0088.07.09 Neo Zeon attempts to bomb the Granada spaceport, but the bomb destroys the Neo Zeon flagship.
0088.07.13 Neo Zeon MS force descends to Earth. The flagship Sadaran departs for Earth.
0088.07.20 The Sandora joins the Sadaran.
0088.08.01 Neo Zeon’s main force invades Earth. The MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam rescues Elpeo Plé.
0088.08.02 The Argama alights off the west coast of Africa. The Gundam Team is detached from the Argama in order to carry out a pincer attack on Dakar.
0088.08.09 The Gundam Team battles Rommel’s desert force.
0088.08.29 Neo Zeon occupies Dakar. Former ZMF forces and Titans remnants ally with Neo Zeon.
0088.08.31 Haman Karn and Mineva Zabi arrive triumphantly at Dakar. A joint AEUG and Kalaba force assaults the reception hall.
0088.09.21 The Argama heads for the Kalaba base at El Golea. Gremmi Toto’s forces try and fail to prevent it from making contact.
0088.09.23 The Argama heads for Ghardaia. Gremmi Toto teams up with the Blue Force.
0088.10.09 The Blue Squadron versus the Gundam Team. Dido Kartoha is killed in action.
0088.10.14 The Mindora, conspiring with the African Liberation Front, invades Ghardaia.
0088.10.21 The Argama re-supplies at the Kalaba base at Chott Melrhir. Joining with the Gundam Team, it heads for England.
0088.10.26 Objecting to the Federation plan to turn Side 3 (L2) over to the Neo Zeon, Bright Noa and Jude Ashita are imprisoned.
0088.10.28 A fleet led by the Endra II occupies a Side 4 (L1) colony.
0088.10.30 A colony drop from Side 4 (L1) is detected. The Argama joins forces with the Audhumla. Hayato Kobayashi is killed in action.
0088.10.31 Neo Zeon drops a colony on Dublin. Hayato Kobayashi and Elpeo Plé killed in action. Plé-2 activated.
0088.11.02 The Argama heads for a Kalaba base, while its crew returns to space.
0088.11.03 The Nahel Argama is commissioned. Beecher Oleg assumes acting captaincy.
0088.11.06 Pursuing the Nahel Argama, the La Vie en Rose enters the Shoal Zone.
0088.11.07 The Nahel Argama is formally assigned to a punitive mission against Neo Zeon and sets off for Side 3 (L2).
0088.11.11 The Nahel Argama docks at Side 3 (L2) Bunch 24 (Tiger Balm).
0088.11.14 The Federation grants Side 3 (L2) to Neo Zeon. Neo Zeon’s forces withdraw from Earth.
0088.11.22 To gain entry to Core 3, Jude Ashita infiltrates asteroid Cicero and incites anti-Neo Zeon action.
0088.12.25 Gremmi Toto’s forces rebel within Neo Zeon and occupy Axis. The two Neo Zeon fleets engage.
0089.01.04 The Nahel Argama deploys without waiting for EFF and AEUG support.
0089.01.08 Jude Ashita infiltrates Core 3 and attempts to capture Mineva Zabi.
0089.01.10 Haman Karn and Gremmi Toto lead their fleets into battle.
0089.01.11 The La Vie en Rose is destroyed protecting the Nahel Argama from Gremmi Toto’s fleet
0089.01.13 Haman Karn launches an attack. Mashima Ciro repulses Plé-2’s NZ-000 Quin Mantha, but is destroyed by the Space Wolf Team.
0089.01.14 The Nahel Argama enters battle, confronting Gremmi Toto’s forces. The Toto fleet retreats but dispatches the Newtype force.
0089.01.15 The Gundam Team heads for Axis.
0089.01.16 The asteroid Axis collides with Core 3. Emily Ounce killed in action.
0089.01.17 The AEUG defeats Neo Zeon. Gremmi Toto, Chyara Soon, Mashima Ciro, Rakan Dakaran, Plé-2 and Haman Karn killed in action. Mineva Zabi’s whereabouts are unknown.
0089.03.15 Jupiter energy transportation resumes. The Jupitris II sets off.
0089.05.01 The EFF reorganize the management system for massive asteroids.
0089.08.25 The Federation tightens sanctions against colonies that support Spacenoid movements.
0090.01 Around this time, anti-Earth Federation organizations like EGM and the NSP (New Summer Project) become active.
0090.02 The Sweetwater colony in Side 2 (L4) is remodeled as a refugee facility and moved to Side 3 (L2).
0090.03 The EFF organize a new auxiliary unit, the Londo Bell force.
0090.07.15 The Texas colony, under reconstruction at Side 1 (L5), is attacked by the NSP Colorde force. The EFF Arahas force teams up with the staff of the Monotone Corporation.
0090.10.15 Arahas battles Colorde at Side 2 (L4) Bunch 30.
0090.11.23 Darry Neil Guns, a staff member of the civilian Monotone Corporation, is chosen as a EFF test pilot for the RGX-D3 and D4 Delta Gundam.
0090.12.15 The NSP’s moderate faction joins forces with Arahas to battle the radical faction, actually a Neo Zeon decoy force in disguise.
0091.02.06 The NSP proclaims its dissolution.
0091.02.27 The Neo Zeon decoy fleet leaves for Jupiter.
0092 Olympiad LXX.
0092.08 The EFF move their headquarters to Lhasa, Tibet.
0092.12.13 Neo Zeon suggests an attack against the EFF.
0092.12.22 Naval vessels commanded by Char Aznable declare a takeover of Sweetwater in Side 3 (L2).
0092.12.25 The EFF reinforces Londo Bell.
0093.02.27 Neo Zeon commander Char Aznable declares war during a TV interview.
0093.03.03 The Neo Zeon fleet departs Sweetwater in Side 3 (L2).
0093.03.04 5th Luna crashes into the EFF headquarters in Lhasa, Tibet.
0093.03.06 Neo Zeon and the EFF hold secret peace negotiations at the Londenion colony in Side 1 (L5).
0093.03.12 Feigning surrender, the Neo Zeon fleet recaptures Axis. Their attempt to drop it on Earth fails. Neo Zeon commander Char Aznable missing in action, presumed dead. Neo Zeon revenant creates a Char memory clone named “Full Frontal” to restore their shattered morale.
0093.09 Intelligence agencies and strategic and tactical research institutes within the EFF are reorganized as the Strategic Naval Research Institute (SNRI).
0095 Def Stallion, Cyd Charisse and Albert Ea born.
  • Solar Cycle 39 at solar maximum.
  • Olympiad LXXI.
0096.04.07 Secret dealings involving the EFF, Anaheim Electronics, the Vist Foundation and the Neo Zeon remnant nicknamed Sodetsuki (“Sleeves”) involving the Laplace Box leads to the accidental outbreak of a battle within the manufacturing colony Industrial 7 in Side 4 (L1). On the verge of death, Cardeas Vist entrusts Anaheim Industry Technical School engineering student Banagher Links with the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, after which Banagher is the only one capable of piloting it.
0096.04.12 00:25—EFSF Londo Bell O-1 Riddhe Marcenas, Audrey Burne and some other EFF citizens board the Nahel Argama following its resupply from the Columbus-class supply vessel Alaska. While en route to the Moon, Riddhe, Audrey, Takuya Ikei and Micott Bartsch attempt to escape the ship following a trap initiated by Riddhe.

15:28Operation Billiard begins. Phase 1 begins with the ECOAS 920 “Manhunter” Special Forces Team using dummy balloons disguised as debris, behind which two D-50C Loto MS units infiltrate the Neo Zeon asteroid base Palau. A covert operative plants a plastic explosive in the coupling shaft of the asteroid fortress. Meanwhile, O-1 Riddhe Marcenas sorties in the MSN-001A1 Delta Plus when the Nahel Argama initiates Phase 2. The operation goes off without a hitch and the “billiard” effect of the two asteroid sections hitting one another is a success.

0096.04.21 The private shuttle Empress of the Moon carrying Martha Vist Carbine and Alberto Vist lands at Augusta Labs, where the RX-0 Unit 2 Banshee has just completed Terrestrial gravity testing.
0096.05.01 06:06—After detecting sonar returns from an unidentified undersea object dubbed the “Sea Ghost”, the EFSF dispatches a RAG-79 Aqua GM team to police the Port of Dakar. The AMS-129M Zee Zulu squadron that lies in wait easily destroy them, then aid the AMA-X7 Shamblo mobile armor slips into the harbor.

06:20—The Neo Zeon transatmospheric battleship Garancieres, disguised as a Rivacona Cargo transport, sets course for the new Federation capital at Dakar in the Senegal Autonomous Region, the destruction of which is deemed vital for the success of a third Neo Zeon war.

06:35—Banagher Links talks with MS mechanic Tomura while the RX-0 Unicorn is being analyzed and realizes that he has been duped into participating in an EFSF operation to ascertain the contents of the Laplace Box.

06:40—The tanker Zeus IX anchored in the port is torn apart by a gigantic claw and then explodes. As an Aqua MS squad policing the harbor gathers by the wreckage, the Shamblo surfaces on the opposite shore, destroying a seaside warehouse. When the GM squad changes course to pursues it, they are ambushed by Zee Zulus.

07:02—Aboard the Ra Cailum, Londo Bell commander O-6 Bright Noa receives word of the Dakar attack. He breaks off the pursuit of the Garancieres as it nears Libyan airspace and changes course for Dakar at maximum speed.

07:09—The Ra Cailumlaunches an RMS-119 EWAC Zack covered by O-1 Riddhe Marcenas in the MSN-001A1 Delta Plus.

07:24—Evacuation of the Plateau District begins as the Shamblo begins a rampage using reflector bits. Both beam and projectile weapons prove ineffective against the Shamblo as it continues to advance towards an uninhabited field.

08:13—The situation in Dakar is relayed to the Garancieres. Coming face to face with the tragic event in the capital, Banagher races off to the bridge.

08:15—The Ra Cailum is unable to determine the heading of the Shamblo. Riddhe reports to Bright on his solo attacks.

08:22—Riddhe approaches Dakar in the Delta Plus and, with the garrison forces, engages the Shamblo. To prevent any more needless deaths of trapped citizens and refugees, Riddhe decides to take on the Shamblo alone.

08:40—Banagher witnesses the Delta Plus taking on the Shamblo and also decides to prevent further slaughter by launching in the RX-0 Unicorn, but Garancieres captain Suberoa Zinnerman holds him at gunpoint.

08:44—The ESFS Nigel and the Thorton teams split up and approach Dakar from the southern tip along Cape Bernard. Sensing the Zee Zulu team lying in wait, they attack first.

08:46—Aboard the Shamblo, Loni also cannot bear the massacre of the refugees. She proposes a detour to her father Mahdi, but he ignores her.

08:47—After a brief altercation, Zinnerman punches out Banagher.

08:50—Banagher deserts from the Garancieres. As the RX-0 Unicorn falls towards Dakar, his rage activates the Newtype Destroyer (NT-D) mode.

08:54—Mahdi is confused by the sudden onslaught by the Unicorn Gundam. Unsure of whether or not Banagher has betrayed them, he orders Loni and the others to destroy the Gundam.

08:55—The Delta Plus and Unicorn Gundam link up and form a single battle line.

08:57—The Shamblo cannot be stopped, but Loni tries to restrain her father and put an end to his madness.

0096.05.03 A day and a half after the Dakar Incident, Earth Federation Central Councilman Ronan Marcenas receives word of the extent of the destruction along with an estimated death toll of ~40,000.
0096.05.08 00:38—The Nahel Argama departs for L1. The Garancieres breaks off and continues orbiting in stealth mode.

04:13—The crew of the Garancieres abandon ship and dispatch it to Luna² (L3) on auto-pilot.

12:45—Alberto Vist catches up with the Garancieres and discovers that it is unmanned, at which point it self-destructs. The Londo Bell Clop-class cruisers Carotte and the Tenenbaum motherships of the “Tri-Stars” RGM-96X Jesta squad are also destroyed.

12:49—After recovering the Tri-Stars, the Rewloola withdraws from the battlefield.

17:57—The Tri-Stars link up with the General Revil.

19:32—The General Revil reaches GEO and heads toward L1.

22:00—The Rewloola approaches the Perigee Passage.

0096.05.09 During the furor over the Dakar Incident, Kai Shiden meets with Ronan Marcenas at the Central Assembly Hall. Ronan offers to let Kai write a juicy scandal about the Laplace Box, but Kai refuses.

14:30—The Tennyson Fleet communicates with the Rewloola.

14:35—The Rewloola communicates with the Tennyson Fleet. The MSN-06S Sinanju and YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu launch on a booster-equipped Shackles.

18:30—The Tri-Stars launch from the General Revil on a booster-equipped Shackles at maximum speed.

19:30—The Nahel Argama arrives at L1.

20:00—The Tennyson Fleet hails the Rewloola, then quickly heads towards the L1 Junction. The Nahel Argama is fully engaged with the Neo Zeon.

23:30—On orders from Neo Zeon leader Full Frontal, the Tennyson Fleet changes course and heads for Industrial 7 in Side 4 (L1).

0096.05.10 00:07—The Rewloola receives orders from Neo Zeon leader Full Frontal to change course to Industrial 7.

00:30—The General Revil observes the destruction of L1 and changes course for Industrial 7, ordering the Tri-Stars to follow suit.

05:17—The Nahel Argama heads for Industrial 7, to which the Rewloola is already heading at full combat speed.

0097 Sharul Rochester born.
  • EFF O-2 Gwydion “Gwyn” Lenore defeats renegade Neo Zeon “Aquila Corps” commander O-5 Mabban Kirov (“Zack the Knife”) amid the ruins of Solomon (L5).
  • Wilder Katz born.
  • The Zeon Republic gives up its autonomy, whereupon the EFF declares an end to hostilities and begins the Year 100 Colony Replacement Plan.
  • Sharif Sheffield and Alina Beslowe born.
  • Olympiad LXXII.
0101 Erina Beack and Zabine Chareux born.
  • SNRI proposes to the EFF that MS should be scaled down.
  • Tokio D. Randall born.
  • The anti-Federation organization “Mafty” destroys an orbital surveillance satellite.
  • Iris Orlando, Annafelt Marmoset and Belf Sukrett born.
  • Kevin Forrest and Morris Ovary born.
  • Olympiad LXXIII.
0104.02.28 The terrestrial EFF are reinforced. Terrestrial Man-Hunter Agency (MaHA) and efforts to expose illegal residents are strengthened.
  • Koroso Viggenson marries Nadia Ronah and adopts the Ronah name.
  • Leslie and Monica Arno married en route to Frontier IV in Side 4 (L1).
  • Dwight Camry and Layla Lagiorr born.
0105.04.09 The MCS-equipped MS Penelope travels from the lunar surface to Australia.
0105.04.19 Terrorists claiming to be part of Mafty attempt to capture the shuttle Haunzen, used by Federation dignitaries.
0105.04.20 Mafty attacks the Tasaday Hotel in Australia. The RX-105 Xi Gundam arrives on Earth.
0105.04.21 The Xi Gundam and Penelope battle at sea near Halmahera Island in Moluccas, Indonesia.
0105.04.26 Demanding the revocation of the Revision of the Investigative Powers of the Federation, Mafty attacks a meeting of mid-level Federation cabinet members in Adelaide, Australia. The Xi Gundam runs aground due to a barrier system installed around the meeting site. Mafty Navue Erin, the ringleader of the Mafty movement, is arrested and identified as Hathaway Noa. The measure he opposed is approved.
0105.04.27 The 13th Independent Corps arrives in Adelaide.
0105.05.01 Hathaway Noa, the leader of the Mafty organization, is executed.
0105.06 The EFF intensify their suppression of anti-Earth Federation organizations. The 306th Special Corps is formed. The Mafty movement goes underground and, on the surface, the anti-Federation movement appears to be quieted.
0105.11 At the EFF request, Anaheim Electronics begins development of scaled-down MS.
  • Around this time, construction of new colonies resumes.
  • Within the Buch Konzern, selected members of the vocational training school and related enterprises secretly form the Crossbone Vanguard (CV).
  • Seabook Arno (“Kincaide Nau”), George Azuma, Sam Erg, Arthur Jung and Dorel Ronah born.
  • Annamarie Brougia, Dorothy Moore and Berah Ronah (“Cecily Fairchild”) born.
  • Solar Cycle 40 at solar maximum.
0108 Olympiad LXXIV.
0108.07 Rollout of the Dessa type, the first scaled-down MS, by the Buch Aerodynamics Company.
0109 Rollout of the RGM-109 Heavygun.
0110 Europa Dogatie born.
0110.04 Engeist Ronah assumes the office of vice-president of the Colony Management Corporation.
0111.09 SNRI rolls out the F90 unit 1 and completes the -A, -D, -S, -M and -H options.
0111.10 The EFF decide on the development of a next-generation main force MS. To the dismay of Anaheim Electronics, the SNRI F (Formula) series wins out over the Anaheim MSA-120.
0111.12 Reconstruction of the Frontier Side (formerly Side 4) begins in L1.
0112 Olympiad LXXV.
0112.02 The F90 -L, -V and -P field-test options are finished.
0112.06 The Silhouette Formula Project is secretly started within Anaheim Electronics.
  • Nadiah Ronah flees to Frontier IV with Theo Fairchild and Berah Ronah (now Cecily Fairchild).
  • Koroso Ronah becomes Iron Mask.
  • Liz Arno and Berto Rodriguez born in Frontier IV.
0113.04 Hauserie Ronah’s Earth Preservation Measure and Measure to Abolish Excessive Medical Care are rejected.
0115.04 Rollout of the F71.
0115 Jonah Kinnison born.
0116 Olympiad LXXVI.
0116.05 Planning of the Rafflesia Project starts. The Earth Preservation Measure is re-introduced.
0116.07 Rollout of the F91.
0117 The Buch colony Round Island is opened to civilians.
  • Hauserie Ronah is assassinated.
  • Mugen Maujin born.
  • Solar Cycle 41 at solar maximum.
0119 The Rafflesia Project is put into motion. Leah Mariba born.
  • Tobia Arronax born.
  • Olympiad LXXVII.
0120.10.25 Oldsmobile Army MS attack the Jupitris-class transport ship Kobayashi Maru.
0120.10.28 Oldsmobile Army MS steal an F90 prototype during a test flight near Side 4 (L1).
0120.10.30 The 13th Autonomous Mobile Fleet is given the special assignment of destroying Oldsmobile Army and recovering the stolen F90.
0121.03 The 13th Autonomous Mobile Fleet arrives at Mars, destroys the Oldsmobile base Olympus Canyon and recovers the stolen F90 Unit 2, which has been rebuilt as the OMS-90R.
0121.10.28 In parallel with the reconstruction of F90 Unit 2, the -I and -L options are finished.
0122 Tetenith Dogatie (“Bernadette Briett”) and Kochun Hein born.
0122.02 The F90 and F91 are brought aboard the EFF cruiser Abrams for field-testing.
0122.08 Rollout of the Anaheim Electronics RXF-91 Silhouette Gundam.
0122.11 Silhouette Formula trials begin in the Zebra Zone.
0122.12 The F91 is brought to Frontier I for conversion of its bio-computer.
0123.02.18 During test operations in the Zebra Zone, the RXF-91 Silhouette Gundam and RGM-111 Hardygun encounter the Crossbone Vanguard’s Dark Tiger force.
0123.02.19 Due to engine problems, the Anaheim R&D ship Blaywood docks at a derelict colony.
0123.02.20 Inside the derelict colony, the RGM-111 Hardygun battles an AMS-119 Geara Doga and captures its pilot, a Neo Zeon revenant.
0123.02.22 The Blaywood joins the EFF battleship Ajax. The RX-99 Neo Gundam Unit 1 encounters the Dark Tiger force. The Blaywood MS corps encounters Neo Zeon revenants in the colony.
0123.02.23 The Ajax begins a mopping-up operation against the Neo Zeon revenants, opening fire on the derelict colony. The RX-99 Neo Gundam Unit 2 defeats the Ajax and RX-99 Unit 1.
0123.03.16 Crossbone Vanguard MS attack the Frontier Side (L1). More than 500 inhabitants of Frontier IV are killed and 140,000 become refugees.
0123.03.19 The Crossbone Vanguard invades and conquers Frontier II and III.
0123.03.24 The Thousandth Jupiter arrives in the Earth Sphere. Captured by the Crossbone Vanguard, its captain promises cooperation.
0123.03.26 The Crossbone Vanguard proclaim the establishment of Cosmo Babylonia at Frontier IV. It is protected from Federation interference by an alliance with the Jupiter Energy Fleet, which threatens an embargo if Cosmo Babylonia is not left alone.
0123.03.30 Iron Mask of the Crossbone Vanguard deploys Bugs and the XMA-01 Rafflesia at Frontier I, massacring the colony’s inhabitants. He is defeated by the EFF F91, which is severely damaged in the battle.
0123.03.31 The Crossbone Vanguard’s Dorel and Zabine forces return in triumph to Cosmo Babylonia. After a battle with a Crossbone Vanguard garrison, the F90Y Cluster Gundam escapes from Frontier I.
0124 Olympiad LXXVIII.
0125 Berah Ronah becomes ruler of Cosmo Babylonia and renounces Meitzer Ronah’s Nobility Principle, which holds that only those of superior breeding and ability should rule humanity. A civil war ensues.
  • The Mother Vanguard, flagship of the Ronah family’s Buch Konzern, disappears on its maiden voyage. Berah Ronah and her friends are aboard.
  • Cosmo Babylonia collapses due to civil war.
  • Olympiad LXXIX.
0129 Solar Cycle 42 at solar maximum.
0131 Marvette Fingerhut, Fala Gryphon and Alveo Pippiniden born.
0132 Olympiad LXXX.
0133 Crossbone Gundam: Berah Ronah and her crew wage a secret war against the self-proclaimed Jupiter Empire, which stages a full-scale invasion of the Earth. Chronicle Asher born.
0134.10.15 Halley’s Comet at perigee, 4th CHIP mission.
  • Katajina Ruth and Thomas Masarik born.
  • Olympiad LXXXI.
0138 Odelo Henrik and Erisha Clansky born.
0139 Within civilian networks, planning of a “holy alliance” starts. Karel Masarik born.
  • Colony-ism resurfaces. The movement for autonomy is revived. Antagonism due to economic differences and trade imbalances between the colonies comes to a head. Usso Ebbing and Wallen Trace born.
  • Solar Cycle 43 at solar maximum.
  • Olympiad LXXXII.
0141 Maria Pia Ammonia opens a consultation bureau at Albanian colony in Side 1 (L5). Martina Clansky born.
0142 Shakti Karin born.
0143 Maria Pia Ammonia begins to propagate her ideas.
  • A Maria group forms and petitions the Albanian colony government to form a political party. Her staff publishes Maria’s teachings.
  • Suzy Relane born.
  • Olympiad LXXXIII.
0145 Maria Pia Ammonia meets Phonse Kagachi, formerly of the Jupiter Energy Fleet. Sophia Ierines born.
0146 The Maria group becomes radical. The Gachi Party is formed as its political extension and becomes a third party in the government assembly of the Amelia colony in Side 2 (L4).
0147 A group of corrupt ministers are executed on the guillotine and the Gachi Party takes power in Amelia. Blaster Ierines born.
  • The League Militaire is reorganized as a fighting force.
  • Olympiad LXXXIV.
0149 The establishment of the Zanscare Empire is proclaimed at Side 2 (L4). The League Militaire puts the V (Victory) Project into motion. Hangelg Ebbing leaves Earth to become leader of the League Militaire.
  • Federal Forces cadets Oliver Inoue and Marvette Fingerhut leave the service to join the League Militaire.
  • Solar Cycle 44 at solar maximum.
  • The Char Continuation Project begins.
  • Carl Ducartus born.
  • Olympiad LXXXV.
0152.10 The Yellowjackets invade Largane (formerly Munich), Germany. Seizing civilian aviation facilities, they construct a base.
0152.11 Development of the Minovsky drive begins.
0153.02 Space tests of the ZMT-S12G Shokew are completed.
0153.03 Trials of the ZMT-S12G Shokew under gravity begin.
0153.04.05 The ZMT-S12G Shokew is stolen. The Yellowjackets attack Woowig (formerly Prague), Czech Republic.
0153.04.06 The ZMT-S12G Shokew battles ZM-S08G Zolos at Woowig. The Yellowjackets battle the LM312V04 V Gundam.
0153.04.07 The League Militaire’s Camion unit goes to the underground factory in Kolin, Czech Republic.
0153.04.08 The League Militaire of Eastern Europe gather. The LM312V04 V Gundam battles the prototype ZMT-S13G Godzorla.
0153.04.09 The League Militaire begins to disperse from the Woowig area.
0153.04.10 The Yellowjackets capture Camion leader Oi Nyung. The Gaddarl force is dispatched in pursuit of the League Militaire.
0153.04.11 Camion battles the Gaddarl force. Pippinden squadron lands and joins forces with the Yellowjackets. Camion leader Oi Nyung is executed on the guillotine in Old Barcelona.
0153.04.12 The commander of the Largane base is recalled. The Yellowjackets begin an operation to take control of Arti Gibraltar. The Shrike team advance force joins Camion.
0153.04.13 The Yellowjackets capture the LM312V04 V Gundam in an illegal residence district, but it is recovered.
0153.04.14 Camion heads for Bechyne, Czech Republic, joining with the Shrike team. The Shrike team and the LM312V04 V Gundam destroy Dupre’s squadron, en route to old Dresden.
0153.04.15 Camion arrives at Bechyne and is met by a unit of the EFF stationed in Ireland. They battle the Gaddarl force and Lupe Cineaux’s squadron, and the Shrike team loses an LM111E02 Gun-EZ. Camion heads for Gibraltar.
0153.04.16 Part of Camion arrives at Old Barcelona. The LM312V04 V Gundam smashes the guillotine in the town square.
0153.04.17 The EFF Bagley space fleet battles the Zanscare fleet at Keilas Guilie. The Yellowjackets, demanding the submission of Gibraltar’s PCST, stage a show of force and battle the League Militaire. The Shrike team loses another LM111E02 Gun-EZ.
0153.04.18 The Yellowjackets demand PCST’s surrender and deploy the prototype ZMT-S16G Memedorza. The Shrike team loses a third LM111E02 Gun-EZ.
0153.04.19 The League Militaire hijacks a PCST shuttle. Camion joins with the spaceship Reinforce, attached to the EFF stationed in Ireland.
0153.04.20 Vessels moored at sea off Gibraltar are attacked by the Yellowjackets’ ZMT-D15M Galgyus. The Reinforce launches into orbit. Usso’s group captures a BESPA Sinope-class patrol ship. The Zanscare Empire broadcasts the departure of the Zugan fleet.
0153.04.23 Usso’s group’s Sinope docks at Hiland.
0153.04.24 The Reinforce battles a fleet dispatched from Kairas Giri and joins forces with the Gaunland.
0153.04.27 After disorienting the Kairas Giri fleet with Hiland’s microwave gun, the League Militaire enters battle. With Kairas Giri captured by the League Militaire, Squid 2 flees the battlefield.
0153.04.28 The V Gundam battles BESPA prototype ZMT-D11S Abigor.
0153.04.29 Usso’s group and the space families set out for Side 2 (L4) in the Æneas.
0153.05.04 Usso’s group infiltrates the Zanscare Empire. The Reinforce Junior launches, and the League Militaire battles the Zugan fleet. Failing to withdraw, Usso’s group again infiltrates the Zanscare Empire and begins fighting during the queen’s audience with the returned fleet. Of the League Militaire combatants, one is killed and two are arrested.
0153.05.06 During the Zanscare Empire’s favorite ceremony, a captured MS begins moving. As if in response, the League Militaire’s MS unit executes a surprise attack.
0153.05.07 The League Militaire squadron docks at the Macedonia colony and the entire crew is placed in custody.
0153.05.13 BESPA MS execute a surprise attack on the Macedonia colony. Taking advantage of the confusion, the League Militaire members recover their ships and equipment.
0153.05.14 The Reinforce Junior escapes the Macedonia colony and picks up the White Ark and LM314V21 V2 Gundam.
0153.05.17 The Reinforce Junior resupplies at the secret Horasm base on the far side of the Moon.
0153.05.21 The Motorad fleet and Reinforce Junior force both enter the atmosphere.
0153.05.22 The undersea city of Underhook is destroyed.
0153.05.24 The Motorad fleet comes ashore near Tampico in the Gulf of Mexico and heads up into the North American continent.
0153.05.28 The Earth Federation and Zanscare Empire reach a cease-fire agreement, which takes effect immediately.
0153.06.01 In the North Sea, the White Ark unit battles the Lysithea force.
0153.06.03 In the North Sea, the White Ark unit destroys the Lysithea force.
0153.06.05 Forces from the abandoned Largane base defy the cease-fire and battle the White Ark unit.
0153.06.08 The Largane base is attacked from the air. The White Ark and Reinforce Junior return to space.
0153.06.10 The White Ark and Reinforce Junior join the EFF space fleet assembled at Hiland.
0153.06.12 The League Militaire fleet encircles the Zanscare fleet. The Reinforce Junior and White Ark destroy a front-line Motorad fleet commanded by Pippiniden.
0153.06.15 After a battle with the Tassilo Vago fleet, the White Ark infiltrates the Angel Halo area camouflaged as a supply ship. Its MS fight an imperial guard division.
0153.06.18 The construction of Angel Halo is completed.
0153.06.20 BESPA’s Tassilo and Chronicle fleets join forces.
0153.06.21 Angel Halo’s shadow falls upon Earth. The Reinforce Junior and White Ark forces battle MS from the Tassilo fleet flagship Schbatten. Angel Halo descends.
0153.06.22 The Schbatten is destroyed. Queen Maria dies.
0153.06.23 The League Militaire fleet battles the Angel Halo guard. Angel Halo disintegrates in the upper atmosphere, then rises into space.
0155 Metatron Institution established to oppose anti-Spacenoid Federation policies.
0156 Olympiad LXXXVI.
0160 Olympiad LXXXVII.
0062 Solar Cycle 45 at solar maximum.
0164 Olympiad LXXXVIII.
0168 Olympiad LXXXIX.
0172 Olympiad XC.
0173 Solar Cycle 46 at solar maximum.
0176 Olympiad XCI.
0180 Olympiad XCII.
  • The Char Continuation Project secretly transfers memory clone Afranche Char to Earth.
  • Solar Cycle 47 at solar maximum.
  • Olympiad XCI.
0186 Man-Hunter Agency (MaHA) established to search out and deport illegal aliens.
0188 Olympiad XCIV.
0192 Olympiad XCV.
0195 Solar Cycle 48 at solar maximum.
0196 Olympiad XCVI.
0197.06.08 Federation approves expansion of MaHA jurisdiction as part of a crackdown on illegal aliens.
0200 Olympiad XCVII.
0203.02.21 MaHA establishes a garrison at Hellas colony in Side 2 (L4).
0203.03.24 EFF rolls out α000-0001 Gaia Gear Alpha.
0203.03.31 Metatron Institution launches space battleship Mother Metatron.
0203.04.11 Man-Hunter Agency detains Afranche Char in the South Pacific Environment Protection Block. Metatron Institution captures the α000-0001 Gaia Gear Alpha and uses it to break Afranche Char out of MaHA custody.
0203.04.14 Afranche Char arrives in Hong Kong aboard the Spacious.
0203.04.15 Afranche Char launches from Hong Kong aboard the Spacious and rendezvous with the Mother Metatron, where he is hailed as leader by the Metatron Institution.
0203.04.20 MaHA begins sending its forces, including the flagship Mahagazis, down to the Earth. Mother Metatron pursues. Air Force team led by Afranche Char descends to the Earth.
0203.04.28 MaHA announces the Earth Reverse Immigration Plan.
0203.06 Construction of Gaia colony in Side 8 (L1) begins.
0204 Olympiad XCVIII.
0206 Solar Cycle 49 at solar maximum.
0208 Olympiad XCIX.
0210.04.01 Halley’s Comet at perigee, 5th CHIP mission.
0212 Olympiad C.
0216 Olympiad CI.
0217 Solar Cycle 50 at solar maximum.
0218 The Earth Federation collapses as the Earth becomes all but uninhabitable. A similar Earth-centric organization takes it place but doesn’t last.
  • The Congress of Settlement Nations (“CONSENT”) gains control over roughly half the Sides, opposed only by the Illuminati, a resistance organization based in the independent New Manhattan Island “settlement” of Side 4 (L1). Most of the Illuminati pilots and engineers are Congressional defectors.
  • Olympiad CII.
0223 The Gaia settlement of Side 8 (L1) rebels against the Congressional force attempting to suppress a newly-discovered bioluminescent energy source that promises to ending humanity’s ongoing food crisis—and CONSENT’s political exploitation of it.
  • Illuminati dispatches a team to thwart a secret Congressional weapons development operation, Project Raiven.
  • Olympiad CIII.
0225 CONSENT is overthrown by the Illuminati.
0225 ~ 2225 The Interregnum. The Universal Century calendar ends and the Correct Century calendar begins.
0228 Solar Cycle 51 at solar maximum.
2225 Will Game born.
2226 Dianna Sorel born.
2245 Dianna Soriel goes to Earth, where she meets Will Game. Upon her return to the Moon, she enters suspended animation.
2270 Syd Munzer born.
2310 Michael Gern born.
2317 Yanny Oviess born.
2319 Will Game III born.
2320 Phil Ackerman born.
2322 Joseph Yaht born.
2325 Poe Aijee born.
2326 Guin Sard Lineford born.
2327 Harry Ord and Miashei Kune born.
2328 Rolan Cehack, Fran Doll, Keith Laijie and Kihel Heim born.
2329 Lily Borjarno born.
2330 Sochie Heim born.
2343 Rolan Cehack, Fran Doll and Keith Laijie take up residence in Vicinity.
2345 The “White Doll” (WD-M01 System ∀-99 ∀ Gundam) is reactivated during the Coming Of Age ceremony at Nocis. Dianna Soriel awakened from suspended animation, her biological age only 19. The Moon Race mobilizes against the Earth.


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24 thoughts on “Universal Century Master Timeline”

  1. im learning the timeline of the gundam universe its take place in the universal century from 0079-0088 these battles of the mobile suit gundam universe especially gundam 0083 stardust memory but my question is on gundam 0083 its has only 13 episodes no 14-or 15 episodes of the anime series my ideas is to rebooted more new gundams series like after war gundam x victory gundam turn a gundam double zeta gundam to revive the universal century to bring back the new gundams home to adult swim toonami its time to sign a petition for the gundams that was cancel now its time to revive the gundams thank you

    1. It wasn’t “lost” so much as it was garbled in translation in the move from standalone pure HTML pages to WordPress blog. WordPress initially choked on a table this size and it took quite awhile to find and fix the problem. In any case, you’re quite welcome. Enjoy!

  2. finally managed to find this timeline.

    now, with G-Reco and G-Tekketsu (Iron Blooded Orphan) is rumored to be related with UC, where will you put it inside this timeline? Tomino-san mention once in interview that RC is somewhere between UC and CC.

    Also,im asking permission to translate your timeline to my language, Bahasa Malaysia, sir.

  3. The key word here is “rumored”—as of yet, there’s nothing official linking them to UC.

    Turn-A Gundam has been cited by Director Tomino and other sources as unifying the stories from the various Gundam series that preceded it into one. Throughout the show, mobile suits resembling those from the eras depicted in previous Gundam shows and indicated to be preserved by Nano machines for thousands of years, including as those of the Universal Century, are excavated by the show’s various factions. In Episode 43, this plotline comes to a culmination as the history of the Correct Century timeline is shown in a collection of clips known as the Dark History (黒歴史, Kuro Rekishi), which is revealed to be events that took place in different Gundam series prior to Turn-A, thus making those events part of the CC timeline’s history and vice versa.

    Tomino has said that G-Reco’s Regild Century begins 500 years after Turn-A. Following the exhaustion of natural resources during the UC/CC, the Earth was abandoned. By RC 1041, Earth has been repopulated to half its previous. So Tomino defines RC as beginning at “the end of Universal Century” (UC 2345), but there’s nothing like the Dark History or identifiable UC relics to back that up.

    Taking Tomino at his word, RC 0001 = UC 2846, which would make RC 1041 = UC 3887, but even that is only tentative.

    I see no way to place G-Tekketsu. There’s no “Calamity War” that destroys the Moon in G-Reco, so there’s no identifiable starting point for the Post Disaster Century. G-Tekketsu is set in PD 323, but that date can’t be linked until we learn how long after RC 1041 the Calamity War begins.

    Without an official connection to one or more of the recognized segments of the UC timeline (UC or CC), there’s no “hook” on which to hang the subsequent timelines.

    Feel free to translate this timeline into Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Indonesia or whatever Google Translate calls “Malay” or anything you please. This is a reference work, intended for all for whom it may hold some interest.

  4. My understanding is that Tomino stated G-Reco occurs around five-hundred years after Turn A, not that the Regild Century began five-hundred years after Turn A. In other words:

    RC 0001 = ~CC 1831 (unknown epoch)
    RC 0514 = ~CC 2345 (Turn A)
    RC 1014 = ~CC 2845 (G-Reco)

    It seems pretty random to place the Regild Century’s epoch in such a random time, but perhaps it’s similar to how the anno Domini label wasn’t used till eight centuries after the birth of Christ, and we just never learned what happened in the CC 1800s that was so important to people in RC 1014. I always assumed RC 0001 was the start of the Ag-Tech system and the projects to rejuvenate the Earth and build the Venus Globe, but that was never explicitly stated. Just as I always assumed that CC 0001 was the year after the Moonlight Butterfly brought an end to the Dark History, even though that was never explicitly stated either.

    You also seem to be unnecessarily conflating the Universal Century with the Correct Century, as if UC 2345 is CC 2345. Apparently a “Universal Century Gundam Officials Encyclopedia” contains an in-universe text, ‘2001 Correct Century, a Bibliographical Study of the “Dark History”‘, where a Moonrace researcher in CC 2001 finds a book published in UC 0100, and estimates the book to have been printed three-thousand years prior. If true:

    CC 0001 = ~UC 1100
    CC 2001 = ~UC 3100
    CC 2345 = ~UC 3445

    But I doubt this. In-universe, the Moonrace researcher could be wrong. Out-of-universe, this piece of apocrypha could’ve been written by someone out-of-tune with the main Turn A creative staff. In the anime, Episode 44, Lily Borjarno says: “consider the fact that this ‘Universal Century’ began a little over ten thousand years ago”. We don’t know if she’s guessing, or if she’s basing this on something they saw in the Winter Palace’s records which we didn’t. But if true:

    CC 0001 = ~UC 7656
    CC 2345 = ~UC 10000

    In the second Turn A compilation film, they changed this to “a little over five thousand years ago”. So someone must’ve thought Lily’s figure was important!

    CC 0001 = ~UC2656
    CC 2345 = ~UC5000

    In Episode 45, Gym Ghingham refers to the House of Ghingham as “those of us who’ve governed the military for twenty-five thousand years”. In Episode 44, Diana (or Kihel?) claims that the “Terrans, without ever using such technology, can also claim to have lived a two thousand year history”. These statements suggest that the CC 0001 epoch does at least roughly correspond to the start of humanity’s recovery after the use of the Moonlight Butterfly.

    The general picture here brings a lot of problems. G-Reco seems focused on the Universal Century specifically, rather than the Dark History and Correct Century in general, as if the Regild Century immediately followed the Universal Century without anything but a period of collapse in between. (The MSs in the museum in the first episode, the rusted MSs in the cave in the last episode, compared to the preserved MSs underneath layers of soil in Turn A.) I’ve seen it suggested that the term “Universal Century” came to mean the Dark History in general by the time of Turn A, and some translations of Tomino’s statements imply that the Universal Century was much less ancient to the Correct Century than those of the Correct Century believed, with their limited grasp of history.

    I’m inclined to believe that Tomino basically came up with his chronology on the spot, to surprise or even mess with the fans. As if he were on board with everyone else placing the RC between the UC and CC, then though, “could it work like that…? Yes, I think it could, I’ll tell everyone they’ve got the timeline backwards.” Even if he always intended for G-Reco to follow Turn A, it’s hard as a fan to decide which to go with if everyone else on the staff assumed he meant it to go between the Universal Century and Turn A.

    1. Can we not edit our replies on WordPress? I made a few typos. Twenty-five thousand instead of twenty-five hundred, Turn A instead of G-Reco in the last sentence of the second-to-last paragraph, though instead of thought in the last paragraph.

  5. I wondering about connection between 0099 : moon crisis (manga) with 0096 unicorn, are they related? Or the manga just altered universe?

    1. Mobile Suit Gundam in U.C. 0099: Moon Crisis was originally serialized in the magazine MS SAGA (1993–1994), released in a compilation volume by Media Works and later reissued as two volumes by Dengeki Comics (Nov 1997—Jan 1998).

      It takes place in an alternate version of the Universal Century in the same timeline as Mobile Suit Gundam: Outer Gundam (Jan 1988—Jan 1992), set in U.C. 0079, and Mobile Suit Gundam REON (1996), set in U.C. 0107, all written and illustrated by Masahumi Matsuura.

      All three works are considered to be outside of the official U.C. timeline and thus not canonical.

  6. “06:31—Side 2 (L4) Bunch 13 security chief Rosenberg receives a coded message that the Zeon are mobilizing, but the line is cut before he can hear the code signifying that an attack has been initiated.”

    Never heard about it, I’m really curious where it came from?

    1. Unlucky “Bunch 13” was originally the designation for the space colony to be gassed with GG, a feat credited to the MS squad lead by Johnny Ridden and including Shin Matsunaga, Roy Greenwood and Thomas Kurtz.

      Their exploits are chronicled in Gundam MSV Ace Pilot Series of Biographies (1983), Entertainment Bible No. 1: MS Encyclopedia Part 1, One Year War Edition (Feb 1989) & Gundam MSV-R:The Return of Johnny Ridden (26 Apr 2010—).

      Since then, Bunch 13 has been conflated with Bunch 8 Island Iffish and thus “lost to history” insofar as the official continuity is concerned, but it’s still on record in various chronicles of the Aces of the One Year War so it’s part of my U.C. Master Timeline.

      I don’t honestly the origin of the data on Bunch 13, but the the fact that it included a “tick-tock” of timestamps for the events and not the a date suggests that it came from Mobile Suit Gundam Official Encyclopedia GUNDAM OFFICIALS (Kodansha, Mar 2001, ISBN 978-4-06330-110-6).

      In reviewing the U.C. Master Timeline in response to your query, I discovered that WordPress had failed to separate all of the timestamps properly, so I’ve updated the table to correct this.

  7. tank you very much for your answer, it was the first time for me to found info about it, and I couldn’t find confirmation about it anywhere .

    I can see that there are some little discrepancy, from source to source, on the times of the attack too, since the old ultimate mark’s timeli report this:

    07:20 The Principality of Zeon declares war against the Earth Federation. The Principality carries out surprise attacks on the Federation’s patrol fleets, and launches indiscriminate assaults on Sides 1, 2, and 4.
    * Source: Entertainment Bible 39.

    08:50 The news that war has broken out is relayed throughout the Federation fleet.
    * Source: Entertainment Bible 39.

    Nothing that could not be put up together with the rest of the information.

    I’m sorry if i bother you but i would like to do a rich timeline of OYW like this in Italian, and you are so far one of the best on the net! Don’t mind if we quotes you?

    1. There was considerable revision of the One Year War during the “M.S. Era” refresh that gave us 0080 “War in the Pocket” & 0083 “Stardust Memory” (what I call the “Nazification of “Zeon”), when Sunrise took the obvious parallels with WWII and ran with it.

      The problem with this is that it was one-sided, turning Zeon entirely into Nazi while ignoring the Empire of Japan. In the original 1979 series, the action on Earth parallels the war in the Atlantic and European Theater of Operations while the action in space parallels the war in the Pacific and the “island hopping” and battles of Midway, Layte, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, etc. One could even argue that the “Operation British” colony drop was the Pearl Harbor of the 1YW.

      In any case, this timeline started primarily with Mark Simmons’ and grew from there as I acquired and learned how to read the source material like Entertainment Bible 39, so bringing this discrepancy to my attention is helpful. I may even be able to reconcile the differences and improve things all around.

      Feel free to quote me so long as you provide appropriate attribution, including any Japanese sources that I’ve cited as informing the content of the U.C. Timeline.

  8. Your timeline of the one year war doesn’t include the 08th MS team, which starts in October 0079.

    1. All of the events that occur in the 08th MS Team story arc are annotated in the Timeline on the dates the occur in chronological order. Thus, “Shirō Amada born in Side 2 (L4)” appears in the events of U.C. 0056, the birth of Aina Sahalin (along with those of Chap Adel, Audrey April, Oksana Boginskaya, Yayoi Ikaruga, Yuki Nakasato, Braun Wooder and Garma Zabi) in U.C. 0059, their fateful meeting on U.C. 0079.10.06 (06 Oct 0079) and so.

      The Universal Century Master Timeline is subdivided into eras. The first era “Now & Ten, Here & There” (1771–2045) covers relevant history from the discovery to the Lagrange Points to the declaration of the Universal Century proper in U.C. 0001, when the “Universal Century” era begins. The actions of the 08th MS Team, however notable, do not mark a distinct era of the Universal Century but rather are part and parcel of “The One Year War” era, which begins on New Year’s Day 0079 (0079.01.01). The events of Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory are part of t”The Delaz Turmoil” era, which begins in March 0083 0083.03).

      All of eras except the first begin with decision to go to war in space. The events of the 08th MS Team story arc in last quarter of the One Year War and don’t mark the beginning of a new era as do subsequent conflicts. This also true for all of the “side stories” that take place in the One Year War era and the subsequent eras, all named for when the conflict began chronologically.

      I apologize for any confusion, but the Timeline is first and foremost a chronology of events that together comprise the various eras into which the overall history has been subdivided in retrospect.

    1. “Side stories” aren’t part of the canonical continuity unless animated.

      “Blue Destiny” is especially problematic because it’s essentially a manga adaptation of the 1996 Sega Saturn video game that introduced the EXAM System that appears nowhere else & popularized the MS-08TX Efreet as alternative to the by-then overused MS-07 Gouf for bad-ass Zeon aces.

      Moon-Moon has some historical context but only because it’s the Bernal sphere “Island 1” colony nominally in Side 1 used as “construction shack” to build the first O’Neill “Island 3” colony, Side 1 in L5.

      It’s name indicates that Moon-Moon (the Moon’s Moon) isn’t even really part of Side 1, but rather a reference to the fact that it orbits the Moon in the same way that Moon orbits the Earth, allowing it be used to as a waystation for regolith & other materials to orbit around the Moon to L5, just as spacecraft have to achieve a Low Earth Orbit before initiating a Trans-Lunar Orbit into a Low Lunar Orbit before landing. This was only needed to assemble large masses that could be ferried to L5 to build Side 1, after which L5 would become the hub for building Side 2 in L4. L5 & L4 would the work jointly to build Side 3 in L2, which would join them in building Side 4 in L5, which would assist in building Side 5 in L3, then Side 6 in L4.

      Side 7 in L3 was in Lunar orbit diametrically opposite the Moon & the convenient cluster of Lagrange points L1, L2, L4 & L5 around it, hence the need to move Juno to L3 to become Luna II & provide both a construction site & the materiel from which to construct. The low gravity of Luna II eliminated the need for an orbital waystation & its gravity would become progressively lower as materiel was transferred from it to Side 7.

      The fact that Moon-Moon orbited the Moon was either forgotten or never fully understood by other who wrote about after the fact. This parallels what happened with the assignments of the Sides to their respective Lagrange points between Mobile Suit Gundam & Mobile Suit Z Gundam.

      When faced with the after-the-fact realization that the Sides had clearly changed the positions between UC 0079 & UC 0087, the writers were forced to invent the May 0082 “Colony Reclamation Project” to explain a continuity gaffe on the part of the producers between the two series.

  9. This is super cool. I just want to thank you for putting so much work into this. I’m curious how you got so much highly detailed info.

    Out of curiosity, how do you decide to factor in things of dubious or questionable canonicity? Any plans to add info for more obscure stuff like Tyrant Sword of Neofalia?

    1. This timeline wouldn’t have been possible without Mobile Suit Gundam Official Encyclopedia-GUNDAM OFFICIALS (2001, Kodansha, ISBN 4063301109 / 978-4063301106) & MS Era 0099 Mobile Suit GUNDAM 0001-0080 (1999, Media Works, ISBN 4840212333 /‎ 978-4840212335), both of which were published to mark 20th Anniversary of Gundam twenty years ago.

      I haven’t been very diligent in updating the timeline since the 35th Anniversary five years ago unless someone challenges or otherwise calls my attention to something requiring my personal review to resolve. This happens more often with the physics, engineering or orbital dynamics I’ve documented with the Gundam canon, which is subject to change without notice whenever the series get retconned.

      Generally, I take things as “canon” if they’ve been animated & included in video games & fit into the U.C. chronology. I leave it to the anime & manga fans to decide what’s canon. My concern is reconciling Gundam with the O’Neill “High Frontier” concepts that inspired it & concentrating on what can actually work based on the science.

      For example, if you eliminate Minovsky particles, the compact fusion reactor would theoretically be possible using muons to catalyze the classic 18.35 MeV Helium-3 + Deuterium -> Helium-4 + proton reaction.

      The more fictional & less scientific the science fiction becomes, the less interested in it I become.

      1. Thanks for responding! I’ll have to look into some of those books you mentioned, especially if they’ve been translated.

        So then I guess it’s unlikely you’ll be updating this with manga only stuff like the aforementioned Tyrant Sword of Neofalia or the newer 0083:Rebellion, huh? It’s so hard to find any meaningful info on some of that stuff, so that makes.

        It’ll be interesting to see if you add stuff from the new Gundam Battle Operation: Code Fairy game and manga. Either way, thanks again for maintaining this awesome resource!

  10. The idea of the Regild Century happening *after* Turn A just doesn’t work in my eyes. Obviously, what Tomino/Sunrise/Bandai say takes precedence, but if it takes place after Turn A, why aren’t any events from Turn A referenced? No mention of the Moonlight Butterfly reducing all the technology to sand? No mention of the Lunar Monarchy? I always figured G-Reco was the literal “end of the Universal Century” that ultimately led to the war where the Turn A and Turn X were initially built and everything got trashed. I don’t think the things we see from the other Gundam timelines were to be taken as literal parts of the Dark History, just representations of wars that occurred in that period.

    In my opinion, the only things that could make G-Reco take place after Turn A are the North American continent being called Ameria, and the Jahanams; the latter could theoretically be an descendent of the Borjarnons.

    Unrelated, but I like how all the serious Sentinel stuff happens at the same time as the Shangri-La gang’s hijinks. Also, is there an official location for Amuro’s home in the anime? In Origin it seems to be in the San Diego area, but it’s so ambiguous in the anime.

    1. Feel free to adapt my Timeline to your liking to place the RC events where you think they should go. I’d be interested in seeing the result and, if it makes more sense than my Timeline, may update it accordingly when time permits.

      Where his mother Camaria’s house taken over by Zeon troops or the refugee camp nearby where Amuro and Cameria reunite is indeed somewhere in California, but I’ve never been able pin down the exact location. Wherever it is, it’s in the middle of nowhere and sparsely populated.

      That said, just having residency on the Earth means you’re an elite or you’d have been transported to a space colony well before the One Year War and thus an involuntary Spacenoid.

      The White Base is forced down in northwest Arizona near the Grand Canyon and follows the Colorado River across the American southwest, turning south near Las Vegas, Nevada, forming the Arizona–Nevada border in Lake Mead and the Arizona–California borders a few miles below Davis Dam between Laughlin, Nevada and Needles, California before entering Mexico in the Colorado Desert.

      Most of its waters are diverted into the Imperial Valley of Southern California in Imperial and Riverside counties, with an urban area centered on the city of El Centro. It’s bordered by the Colorado River to the east and, in part, the Salton Sea to the west. Farther west lies the San Diego and Imperial County border. To the north is the Coachella Valley region of Riverside County, which together with Imperial Valley form the Salton Trough, or the Cahuilla Basin, also the county line of Imperial and Riverside counties, and to the south the international boundary with Mexico.

      So, yeah, somewhere east of San Diego, but nowhere the Pacific Coast.

      Bets wishes to you and yours from me and mine in the New Year!

      White Base proceeds northwest to Seattle, Washington where Garma dies and hides in the ruins of the Kingdome. Garma and Icelina had their tryst at a ball celebrating Zeon victory in Los Angeles, midway between Needles and Seattle. A direct Great Circle flight from Needles to Seattle would cover 1,560 km or 970 miles bearing 337° 30′ or due NNW and pass just west of Las Vegas, Nevada and well east of Los Angeles and San Francisco, California and Portland, Oregon.

      The territories over which it flew are agricultural and rural, crossing the Cascade Mountains midway between Portland and Seattle, on a route that keeps it well away from populated areas as it flies over northwest Nevada, southeast Oregon and central to northwest Washington.

      1. I’ve always appreciated how much clearer Origin was with geography, and how the White Base takes the far more logical route through Mexico to get to Jaburo. If I remember correctly, the “Garma’s Fate” battle takes place entirely in Los Angeles in Origin. I’m due for a re-read.

        East of San Diego is exactly how I saw his mother’s house, too. Given that the signage in the area is in both English and Spanish, it’s likely close to the border with Mexico. Back in the day, on sites like Newtype Asylum and whatnot (god I miss those days), I heard Japan and British Columbia as possible locations.

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