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Sayonara, “Tokyo Rose” … Hello Again, “Orphan Ann”!

(4 Jul 1916 – 26 Sep 2006)

“Orphan Ann” Bibliography


    • Timeline 1948: “Tokyo Rose” Goes On Trial (1948) [Newsreel of Iva Toguri D’Aquino’s return to the United States for trial.] Currently available on Timeline 1948 (210-minute DVD, UPC 688321194822) for $24.95 + postage directly from Whirlwind DVD.
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    • Tokyo Rose: Victim Of Propaganda (1995, A&E Biography) AAE-75711 [TV documentary hosted by Peter Graves.] Currently available online at Bio.
    • Shitteru Tsumori?! (You Thought You Knew?!) Iva Toguri: The Woman Called “Tokyo Rose” (3 August 1997, Deep Dish Net) [50-minute Japanese TV documentary broadcast on Nihon Television (NTV).]
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    • Charleston Gazette: “Wehrle’s investigation cleared Toguri, but the myth persists” (7 October 1999) [Charleston WV columnist John Wehrle debunks the “Tokyo Rose” myth.]
    • The Straight Dope Mailbag Archive: “How did WWII propaganda broadcaster Tokyo Rose get info on Allied ship movements?” (16 November 1999) [The Straight Dope Science Advisory Board debunks the “Tokyo Rose” myth.]
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    • This Week In History (23 February 2001, The History Channel) [Iva Toguri cited in the 2-minute The Ten Most Wrongful Convictions List segment.]
    • An Absent Presence: Japanese Americans in Postwar American Culture, 1945–1960 by Caroline Chung Simpson (Jan 2001, Duke University Press, 978-0-8223-2756-1) 248p
    • The Green Bay Web: If These Boots Could Talk (July 2001) [Webzine publisher and editor Dale A. Raby presents his own independent observation on the Iva Toguri story on the occasion of her 85th birthday.]
    • World War II Disc Jockey The Reveille Girl, Beverly: Tokyo Rose vs. Beverly (23 August 2001) [Reminiscences of Iva Toguri’s “opposite number” on the Allied side, Jean Ruth Hay (10 Sep 1917–18 Sep 2004), whose “Reveille With Beverly” program debuted on KFEL 950 in Denver CO on 21 October 1941, moved to KNX-CBS 1070 in Hollywood CA after Pearl Harbor and was carried by AFRS beginning in May 1942. Web page taken down upon her passing.]
    • This Week In History (26 July 2001, The History Channel) [Recounts the true story of Iva Toguri in the featured 12-minute opening segment.]
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    • Legacies of War I: Iva Tells Her Tale by Erling Hoh (26 June 2003, Far Eastern Economic Review) Copyright © 2003 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.] 6p
    • ‘Tokyo Rose’ Was Innocent! Framed By Federal Prosecutors, Iva Toguri d’Aquino Was Wrongly Convicted of Committing Treason During WWII by Hans Scherrer (6 July 2003) [A profile of the Iva Toguri case on Forejustice.org, a Web site devoted to documenting misjustice and wrongful convictions, with an eye toward correcting same, by the author of The Inhumanity of Government Bureaucracies (The Independent Review, Fall 2000).]
    • Here On Earth 031206K: Iva Toguri (6 December 2003, WPR) [Public radio program Here On Earth, hosted by Jean Faraca and produced by Wisconsin Public Radio, with guests Bill Kurtis and Russell Warren Howe, webcast using RealPlayer streaming audio, relates the story of Iva Toguri and how it resonates throughout the world today.] 52m:20s
    • Convicting A Myth: Debunking the Legend of Tokyo Rose and the Real Woman Who Took the Blame by Tim G.W. Holbert (10 February 2005, World War II Chronicles, Issue XXVII, Winter 2004-2005, pg 4) [700K Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file, Copyright © 2005 Tim G.W. Holbart] 16p
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    • Setting the Record Straight: World War II Veterans Committee Presents the 2005 Edward J. Herlihy Citizenship Award to Iva Toguri by Tim G.W. Holbert (23 May 2006, World War II Chronicles, Issue XXVIII, Winter 2005–2006, pg 28) 2p
    • Veterans Embrace “Tokyo Rose” by James C. Roberts (30 May 2006, The Washington Times, Culture Page) 2p
    • Tokyo Rose: American Patriot by Jack French (Jun 2006, Radio Recall: The Official Journal of the Metropolitan Washington Old Time Radio Club (MWOTRC), June 2006) 1p
    • “Tokyo Rose” FBI Files CD-ROM by BACM Research (2008, Paperless Archives) [280 pages of files copied from FBI headquarters in Washington DC and archived covering its 1948 espionage investigation of Iva Ikuko Toguri D’Aquino plus 103 pages of additional material including records relating to the 1949 treason prosecution.] 382p
    • They Called Her “Tokyo Rose” (Expanded 2nd Edition) by Rex B. Gunn (03 Feb 2008, Brent Bateman, ISBN 978-0-9796987-1-2) 298p
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    • History Detectives, Season 7, Episode 705: Tokyo Rose Recording (20 July 2009, PBS Home Video) HIDE6705 [TV documentary, segment researched by Gwendolyn Wright.] Currently available for $24.99 directly from PBS Home Video.
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    • North American Premiere of the Japan Society produced tour of Zero Hour: Tokyo Rose’s Last Tape by Miwa Yanagi (29–31 January 2015, The Japan Society)
    • Mysteries at the Museum, Season 9, Episode 13, “Revolutionary Suffragette; Tokyo Rose; Billion Dollar Will” (01 January 2016, The Travel Channel) [Recounts the true story of Iva Toguri in the featured 4-minute Zero Hour with Tokyo Rose segment.]
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    • How “Orphan Annie” was mistaken for Tokyo Rose: Broadcaster Iva Toguri d’Aquino’s treason conviction was a grave miscarriage of justice by Denise Shelton (20 Oct 2020, The Collector’s Digest, October Writing Challenge Finalist) 15p (6 min. read)
    • The Real Story of “Tokyo Rose” Narrated by Bill Kurtis posted by the American Veterans Center (24 Sep 2021) 5:17 runtime
    • Tokyo Rose—Zero Hour (A Graphic Novel): A Japanese American Woman’s Persecution & Ultimate Redemption After World War II by Andre R. Frattino & Kate Kasenow (20 Sep 2022, Tuttle Publishing, ISBN ‎978-4-8053-1695-5) 128p
Note Notice Note
The estate of Iva Toguri does not receive any proceeds or royalties from any of the commercially-available audio or video productions or published accounts that purport to tell her story!

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