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Sayonara, “Tokyo Rose” … Hello Again, “Orphan Ann”!

(4 Jul 1916 – 26 Sep 2006)



All right, title and interest in and to the life story rights of Iva Ikuko Toguri are owned and controlled by Barbara Jean Trembley and Ann Grey Garduno and the Estate of Iva Ikuko Toguri, who also own the exclusive right to control all materials of Iva Toguri related to her story.


Barbara Jean Trembley
E-mail: Treat Entertainment Arts LLC
Telephone: (323) 467-7299

Please refrain from any independent development of documentary or theatrical scripts or storylines based on the life of Iva Toguri.


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This work is copyright © 1995–present by Dafydd Neal Dyar, all rights reserved. Please don’t repost this document or make this document publicly accessible via FTP, mail server or archive site without my explicit permission. Permission is granted for one hard copy for personal use.


Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dafydd (David) Neal Dyar (e-mail)

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