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Sayonara, “Tokyo Rose” … Hello Again, “Orphan Ann”!

(4 Jul 1916 – 26 Sep 2006)




The photograph of Iva Ikuko Toguri [d’Aquino] at the top of the “Orphan Ann” Home Page was taken during her 4 September 1945 press conference at the Bund Hotel in Yokohama, Japan.

The photograph of Iva Ikuko Toguri [d’Aquino] on the II. Orphan of the Pacific page was taken during her 20 September 1945 simulated broadcast for the Pacific Stars & Stripes in Studio #3 at NHK Radio Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan.

The four photographs of Iva Ikuko Toguri [d’Aquino] on the III. The Hunt for “Tokyo Rose” page were taken during her 17 October 1945 unwarranted arrest into military custody at the 8th Army CIC Brig in Yokohama, Japan; her confinement from 16 November 1945 to 25 October 1946 at Sugamo Prison, Japan; and her belated 25 October 1946 release for lack of evidence from Sugamo Prison, Japan.

The JPEG and GIF images of the six photographs used on the three aforementioned pages were graciously provided by J.C. Kaelin (e-mail).

The photograph of Iva Ikuko Toguri [d’Aquino] on the V. A Model Prisoner page and the Iva Toguri’s Official Alderson Prison Record page was taken during her admission to the Women’s Federal Reformatory at Alderson WV on 18 November 1949.

The aforementioned Alderson prison admission photograph was discovered in the National Archives and graciously provided (along with most of her other Alderson prison records) by William Bastone (e-mail).

The GIF “watermark” background image of the Toguri family crest used throughout the “Orphan Ann” Home Page Web site, the GIF image of the Toguri family seal and crest on the A Modest Proposal page, the JPEG image of the Toguri family crest on the A More Modest Proposal page and the JPEG image of the “American Flag Tiger Girl” on the Online 90th Birthday Card page were created by Kurt Roithinger (e-mail).

The “American Flag Tiger Girl” is a variation on the tiger-striped “Cat Girl”, a popular image of Ranma-chan, a character in the Japanese manga and anime TV and film series Ranma ½, © 1987–1996 by Rumiko Takahashi.

The Yankee Doodle Boy from “Little Johnny Jones” (7 November 1904), words and music © 1904 George Michael Cohan (1878–1942), MIDI file that autoplays on the Online 90th Birthday Card page was created and performed by “Perfessor” Bill Edwards (e-mail).

The “Tokyo Rose” item in The Straight Dope Mailbag Archive, the Toguri item in the Charleston Gazette, and other items of interest were brought to my attention by Dorothea Martin (e-mail).


This page was profiled on page 43 of the November 1998 (Volume 4, Number 11) issue of Yahoo! Internet Life:

“LABORS OF LOVE – Yahoo! Creators Jerry Yang and David Filo Select a Site Built With True Passion – The ‘Rose’ Myth Unraveled”

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