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Sayonara, “Tokyo Rose” … Hello Again, “Orphan Ann”!

(4 Jul 1916 – 26 Sep 2006)

A More Modest Proposal

“My time in prison was not wasted, except financially. I wasted a lot of time when I should have been working. Financially, it was devastating.” —Iva Toguri, in an interview with Russell Warren Howe, 1987


Proposed: A joint resolution in Congress posthumously awarding Iva Ikuko Toguri a special Congressional gold medal or recommending her for the Presidential Medal of Freedom in recognition of her heroic efforts in broadcasting as “Orphan Ann” during World War II and her continued loyalty, unto death, in the face of unjust prosecution, conviction and imprisonment thereafter; a national apology for the same and complete restitution of the $10,000 fine, adjusted for value, to the family who stood by her (and, for all in intents and purposes, paid it from the proceeds of the family business).

Some restitution is also in order for her false imprisonment, both in Japan and the United States, which totals 3,108 days or about 8½ years. Witnesses against Iva at her 1949 trial were paid a $10 per diem allowance. Even if she only received the same financial consideration as her false accusers, that would be an additional $31,080 restitution, also adjusted for value.


Note Note Note
$10,000 in 1949 gold-backed dollars @ $35 per fine troy ounce of gold would be about $120,000 in today’s currency. $10 in 1949 gold-backed dollars would be about $120 in today’s currency. $31,080 in 1949 gold-backed dollars would be about $372,960 in today’s currency.It would be poetic justice, I think, if remuneration were made one-for-one in the form of 1949-vintage silver dollars! (Or, sticking with gold, how about $10 gold Eagles or $20 gold Double Eagles?)


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