Human Anatomy: From the Renaissance to the Digital Age

Human Anatomy: From the Renaissance to the Digital Age

A good friend of mine gave me this book to read knowing that I enjoyed Medical History as well as Human Anatomy and Physiology.

This book does an excellent job concentrating on classic renditions of the human body but gives really short shrift to the more modern artists of the Human Body, specifically Frank Netter.

Dr Netter is one of my favorite illustrators and I’m a proud owner of his classic works done for Ciba/Giegy.

If you’re interested in the really classical renditions of the human body, this is your book as it is chock full of beautifully rendered illustrations, but if you love the more modern works, look elsewhere.

Book Rating (added on 28 September 2014): 3/5 Stars

(Originally published on Live Journal: Serenade in Blue blog on 27 March 2011)

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