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Dare Devlin
Newly-Discovered & Never Before Published Exploits of the World’s Most Brazen Adventurer!

Allyson’s Book Reviews
The books that are reviewed here are, for the most part, Medical History Books as that’s my real passion when it comes to reading… but I’ve also snuck in a few mystery books too.

Iva Toguri
You’ve probably never heard of Iva Toguri and, if you have any association with the name “Orphan Ann” at all, it’s probably to the Little Orphan Annie comic strip…

Gundam and the High Frontier
This site was created in 1999 to acknowledge, annotate, celebrate, commemorate, elucidate and explicate both Gundam and the High Frontier…

Space Station Nexus
Tales of Space Station Nexus (currently off-line)

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