Tornado of Life

Tornado of Life: A Doctor's Journey Through Constraints and Creativity in the ER

Tornado of Life: A Doctor’s Journey Through Constraints and Creativity in the ER

by Jay Baruch

Medicine is described by some as part science and part art.

Author Jay Baruch believes that to be a successful Emergency Room doctor (and, perhaps, a doctor in any specialty), the doctor should stop and really listen to what the patient is saying or not saying. Don’t just rely on the science but learn to lean on the less tangible.

This isn’t the typical doctor’s discussion of what they treated during a patient’s emergency room visit, instead, while each vignette is patient centric, Dr Baruch discusses how he approaches the patient and his philosophy on the disease, his treatment, or what the patient’s actual problem was or could have been.

Tornado of Life would appeal to the reader of books on doctor’s perspectives on medicine but is looking for a bit more of the doctor’s philosophy concerning the art of medicine.

(Ironically, I had read a previous book by Dr Baruch, Fourteen Stories: Doctors, Patients, and Other Strangers, a collection of short stories that I had reviewed and didn’t really enjoy. At least I am enjoyed this book.)

4/5 stars

[Thank you to NetGalley and the author for the advanced ebook copy in exchange for my honest and objective opinion which I have given here.]

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