One Children’s Place: Inside a Children’s Hospital

One Children's Place: Inside a Children's Hospital (Plume)

One Children’s Place: Inside a Children’s Hospital (Plume)

by Lee Gutkind

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh is one of many hospitals dedicated to taking care of children, which as more than one doctor put it, aren’t simply small adults.

The author introduces us to various patients and because they are so young, their parents, their struggles and triumphs. The author also delves into the background of hospital tightly interspersed with those of the health professionals.

While this was an interesting book, it was a tedious book. It took me forever to read because I just wasn’t overly motivated to read it.

When I checked the author credits at the end of the e-book that listed his previous works and I realized that I had read one of his other books, “Many Sleepless Nights.” Unfortunately, I don’t have a review written of it because I read it years ago in hardcover, but I remember having the same feeling I had with this book. It was an OK read and not really worth reading again.

With that in mind, I give this book 3/5 stars. I won’t say it’s not worth your time especially if you are interested in the history of hospital medicine, I just wouldn’t go out of my way to read it.

[review published 27 May 2018]

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