Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts: A Memoir of a Female Heart Surgeon

Healing Hearts: A Memoir of a Female Heart Surgeon

by Kathy Magliato, M.D.

It took me a while to write this review (especially because I really enjoyed the book) because after I had finished reading the book, I found out it was the basis of a dreadful series shown in 2016 called Heartbeat a show that I forced myself to watch in hopes that the series would improve.

Alas, it did not and it was mercifully cancelled.

But I digress (and will get back to the show)…. This is a great book, with a fantastic balance of who the surgeon is, her home life and her patients. I can easily see myself re-reading this book.

Unfortunately, I’m back to the series Heartbeat. Dr Magliato’s story is so compelling, I don’t understand why the showrunners felt they had to gussy it up with a made-up home life. Dr Magliato is married to a transplant surgeon. Please don’t tell me that having to balance two highly intensive medical specialties intermixed with children isn’t compelling enough?

Anyway, this is a great book and an excellent choice for those of us interested in what makes a doctor as well as what the doctor deals with day-to-day.

5 Big Paws Up!

[posted 18 August 2019]

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