Fascinomas – Fascinating Medical Mysteries

Fascinomas - Fascinating Medical Mysteries)

Fascinomas – Fascinating Medical Mysteries

by Clifton K. Meador

My first encounter with Dr Meador’s work was reading True Medical Detective Stories, reviewed [here]. As you’ll read, I wasn’t really all that thrilled in that he was no Berton Roueché (who is), but it was well-worth the read as a snack-food book.

This time, the vignettes were written by other health professionals, outlining interesting cases and for the most part, were well-worth the read. Some of the essays were well-done or interesting, some were neither.

This was a perfect read for post-lunch reading (which is the time I put aside in reading science books as opposed to the cozy mysteries I tend to read during the evening hours). And I would recommend it if you enjoy short writings about interesting medical cases.

I’ll give this book 3.9 paws – well worth reading as long as you don’t pay full price.

[review published 27 May 2018]

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