Alpha Docs

Alpha Docs: The Making of a Cardiologist

Alpha Docs: The Making of a Cardiologist
by Daniel Muñoz, James M. Dale

I purchased this book back in 2018 because the ebook was being offered at a great price, but I kept skipping over the book on my Kindle app because I thought that the title of the book, Alpha Docs implied the doctors being discussed in the book were seriously full of themselves.

Instead, I was treated to the story of Dr Munoz and his time spent as a cardiac fellowship at Johns Hopkins where he rotated through the various cardiac specialties: consultation, preventative cardiology, nuclear medicine, heart transplantation, cardiac intensive care, electrophysiology, and interventional cardiology.

I was totally captivated by Dr Munoz’s journey through the various aspects of his cardiac fellowship and tried to guess what specialty he would end up in.

This book would appeal to anyone interested in what constitutes cardiology or just enjoys a good read.

4/5 stars

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