Virginia Wouldn’t Slow Down

Virginia Wouldn't Slow Down!: The Unstoppable Dr. Apgar and Her Life-Saving Invention

Virginia Wouldn’t Slow Down!: The Unstoppable Dr. Apgar and Her Life-Saving Invention
by Carrie A. Pearson, Nancy Carpenter (Illustrations)

Dr Virginia Apgar was a remarkable woman. As savvy I am about medical history and being already aware of her most famous contribution to medical science in her creation of the Apgar Score, I still learned quite a bit about Dr Apgar as a person.

The Apgar Score is used by medical personnel to assess the status of a newborn to distinguish healthy babies from those in distress. This score is still an important fixture in medicine.

While this book is aimed at a younger audience, adults will find this to be well-written and the illustrations are delightful. I honestly wasn’t familiar with what Dr Apgar had to go through regarding obtaining her medical degree and the obstacles she encountered as a credentialed medical professional.

This book would appeal to anyone interested in medical history, especially young people. I would also add that this book would be of interest to anyone who loves cats, as Virginia apparently had several of them, and the illustrations of them are adorable.

5/5 stars

[Thank you to NetGalley and the author for the advanced ebook copy in exchange for my honest and objective opinion which I have given here.]

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