Doc Savage® Articles

Doc Savage® Articles


Dafydd Neal Dyar

§ P.J. Farmer®: Something Wold, Something Newton, Something Borrowed, Something Pollutant (05 Nov 2022, DNA Entertainment) [193K PDF file] 14p

§ Keeping Watch on the Man of Bronze: The Marvelous Origin of Doc Savage’s Wondrous World War One “Wristlet” Watch (20 Feb 2023, DNA Entertainment) [1.54M PDF file] 30p

§ The Riverboat Fabulist: Farmer’s Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life and Escape from Loki Considered Harmful (10 Jun 2023, DNA Entertainment) [664K PDF file] 80p

§ On the Trail of “Hopalong Savage”: From Whom Did Pat Savage Inherit Her Signature Six-Shooter? (15 Ju1 2023, DNA Entertainment) [370K PDF file] 22p

§ Doc Savage® Headquarters Eightieth Floor Plan (20 Jan 2024, DNA Entertainment) [197K PDF file] 1p

§ The View from the Eightieth Floor: Doc Savage’s Midtown Manhattan Skyscraper Headquarters Revisited (20 Feb 2024, DNA Entertainment) [3.43M PDF file] 111p

§ Sanctum Books Doc Savage Double Novel Index (30 Mar 2024, DNA Entertainment) [180K PDF file] 6p

§ Annotated Doc Savage® Timeline (15 Apr 2024, DNA Entertainment) [1.42M PDF file] 141p

English Savage Family Coat of Arms

Savage Coat-of Arms


Argent six lioncels rampant Sable langued Gules armed Or, three in chief, two in fess, one in base.
(A silver field on which stand six black lions with red tongues and gold claws, three across the top, two in the middle, one at the bottom.)


Out of a ducal coronet Or a lion's gamb erect Sable armed Or.
(An erect foreleg of a black lion with gold claws extends above a gold crown.)



Dexter, a falcon Or, belled of the last; Sinister, a unicorn rampant Argent.
(On the right, a gold falcon with a gold bell on both legs; On the left, stands a silver unicorn)


A te, pro te
(From thee, to thee)

The English Savage Coat of Arms was created on Tuesday, 20 September 1586 when the noble Savage family of Rocksavage, Clifton [now Runcorn], Cheshire, England recommitted to the Oath of Supremacy and fidelity to Protestant Queen Elizabeth I as Regent for King James I and Supreme Governor of the Church of England following the execution of their Catholic Recusant cousin John Savage for his involvement in the Babington Plot to assassinate her.